Caste System

By: Logan Nicholl


This person is at the top of the caste system and is the most important. Brahmans are either priests or rich people with lots of land. They are all vegetarians. Most Brahmin men usually abstain from alcohol and smoking but for women, it is strictly forbidden. The Brahmins were treated nicely by others because they were mostly priests and they had money, which equals power and also because they were so high in the caste system.


These types of people are the second highest in the caste system and are mostly made up of the military. Some of the offspring of the the warriors didn't want to become warriors so they became landowners, business men or follow Urban professions. Unlike the Brahmins the Kshatriyas are aloud to eat meat, but not beef, and they sometimes drink. The warriors were always honored when they returned home from battle. The landowners on the other hands were most likely not liked by the slaves that had to work for that person.


People in this class are traders, moneylender, farmers, merchants, and business men, but the men have to wear sacred threads. These types of people are only allowed to receive knowledge about important people. The only downside of this class is that they cant marry women of higher castes. Some of the teachers look for smart children in lower classes and they start teaching them. I feel like these people would get lots of respect because they are teaching there children important information that they may need later in life. The farmers deserve respect to because they are giving people crops and food that they need.

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These people are traditionally artisans and laborers. The people were mostly people from lost tribes, conquered tribes, or outsiders in general. Sudras had lots of social restrictions like, they couldn't own land, couldn't be a priest or be associated with them, they couldn't be in any type of government, and they couldn't be at any political or religious type meetings. So the Sudras were treated pretty much like slaves except that they had families and there own homes. Some theories suggest that they cant be involved in any town activities because of there different religious practices.

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they were blamed for these things taking life for a living, a category that included, for example, fishermen, killing or disposing of dead cattle or working with their hides for a living, pursuing activities that brought the participant into contact with emissions of the human body, such as feces, urine, sweat, and spittle, a category that included such occupational groups as sweepers and washermen, and eating the flesh of cattle or of domestic pigs and chickens, a category into which most of the indigenous tribes of India fell, which makes them untouchables. Most of these people were beat and killed because they tried to get into a higher caste. These people are mainly misunderstood about what happens around them. Lastly they if they were born an untouchable they cant get better, they can only get worse.