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Alisa Sattaur


June 16th or June 17th
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Time of Demo:


Making a Trophy For Fathers Day

I will be portraying the skills I have learned from my placement by teaching the students how to create a fathers day trophy using plastic cups, construction paper, glue and stickers.
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I have chosen to do this activity because Father's Day is around the corner and I would like all the students to have something to give to their dads. Furthermore, I chose to do this as it is an art project which is one of the many subjects the students learn at Sherwood Mills. Art is one of my strengths with the kids as I have done art activities with them previously which I got positive feedback from. I believe that learning should be educational, fun, and allow the students to interact at the same time . This activity will allow me to show the skills that I've been using daily with the students.

Details of Activity:

  1. Pick the construction paper colour you want to wrap around the cups.
  2. Put glue on one side of the construction paper and wrap it around one cup. (Ask teacher for help if needed.)
  3. Repeat step 2 using the other cup.
  4. Flip one cup upside down and place on table.
  5. Place the other cup on top of the upside down cup.
  6. Ask Ms.Romeo or Alisa to help tape around where the two cups meet.
  7. Decorate the cups using the stickers and the markers.
  8. Trace two handles from the stencil.
  9. Cut the handles out and glue them on opposite sides of the trophy.
  10. When you finish making your trophy, tell your teacher.
  11. Complete the letter that either Ms.Romeo or Alisa will give to you.

Required Materials:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Plastic Cups (2 per student)
  • Construction Paper
  • Stickers
  • Markers

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