Hong Kong 5SOS Fan Club

Written and Edited by the Hong Kong Derpcon Squad

Welcome to the beginning of a new fan club!

Hello! We are Christy, Gloria, Maya, Max and Nicole, and we are the 5 finalists from the Hong Kong section/competition for Derpcon. We have decided to create a fan club to keep you up to date with the latest news concerning 5 Seconds of Summer and Hong Kong. This newsletter will be sent out when there's big news concerning an event or activity for Hong Kong fans to participate in. We hope to have every 5SOS fan join this club and work together to bring 5 Seconds of Summer to Hong Kong.

1st Meet-up!

2nd Meet-up!

Fan Meet-Up

Because of our successful meet-ups from the past, we would like to organise a 3rd one! We would love for you guys to contribute as to where we'll have it, at what time/date, what we'll do, etc, so if you could spare just a few minutes to fill in the form below, that'd be great!

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wOw!!1! L00K aT tHiS pEIC E oF Tr@5h!1!!! lol jk

Hi, I'm a YouTube addict and Ashton Irwin's laugh is my mating call. Also emo af.