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Cyberbullying is a kind of social harrasment,it can be on phones,computers,ipads,ipods and other electronic devices.

Who can help?

It can affect you in many different ways by people putting up privet and embarracing photos,writing mean comments about you or even saying mean things to you while texting.If you are being cyberbullyied there are alot of people to speak to and alot of people who can help you like your mum,dads,older siblings,teachers,family members like cousins,aunties and uncles.If you are being cyberbullied it is best to talk to someone rather then suffering from the pain and keeping it to your self you can stop cyberbullying by talking to parents or other family members even really close friends who may or may not be suffering cyberbullying like you.

You can call or email kids helpline or eheadspace for full phone support 24/7.




When you are online it is important to know what is safe or not, If you are not sure you could get yourself into alot of trouble. There are many dangerous people out there and nearly all of them are kidnappars or people who can hurt you.

(1) The first thing you need to do to keep safe online is to never share your adress.

(2)Never share your password to games or private sites for that person you gave it to can pretend to be you and say rude,hurtful and very mean comments.

(3) Never trust people you don't know.

(4) If someone is being rude or saying mean stuff about you be sure to tell someone.

(5) If someone says something like "meet me at 42 henry st at 12:00" never trust them and never go.

(6) Also to be safe you can never ever share your full name, most sites tell you to use a nick name or some ask to just use your first name but never use your full name

for more help go to eheadspace


Sometimes people forget that there is a real person on the other end of the computer and that it is really easy to hurt there feelings

(1)Always treat people how you would like to be treated.

(2)Never say mean or rude things to people

(3)On media sights like instagram, never say mean mean comments like "ugly" or even things like "i am sorry people voted you out of this game" it is little things like these that make people uspset

(4) If someone says something mean to you or about another person don't respond.

if you are planning to make a sight on NETIQUETTE use this sight netiquette