Northern Lights

The cause of the northern lights

The northern lights come from solar flares from the sun that reach out long enough to reach the earth.

The best place to see the northern lights

The best place to see them is anywhere far north ranging from Minnesota to the top of Canada, because the more north you are it is more likely to see them

The best time of year to see the lights is when there is around a solar maximum then all the flares come to the earth.

How to forecast the lights

To forecast the lights you need to watch the sun for solar flares. Once you see a solar flare then you can make an assumption to when and if the lights will happen.

The causes of the colors

The sun radiates all visible colors, which is why sunlight appears white. The aurora is caused by charged particles in the solar wind colliding with atmospheric atoms and ions. The color though depends on wavelength of light emitted.