March 2021

Longfellow Elementary

Notes from Mrs. Heckenlaible....

Fall Back – Spring Ahead!

It doesn’t seem possible that we are already looking at “springing” our clocks ahead. Daylight Saving Time, March 14th, is fast approaching, so don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour.

Thank you for attending parent/teacher conferences on February 4th. We always look forward to meeting with each of you and sharing the learners’ highlights and academic successes. We especially want to thank all the PTO for providing individually wrapped famous Daylight Donut Holes for breakfast and Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas for the evening conference meal. It was greatly appreciated by all Longfellow Staff!!!

All 3rd-5th grade learners will take part in the South Dakota Smarter Balance Testing in April. Please try to avoid scheduling any appointments or school absences during the testing dates. We appreciate your help and the encouragement you can provide your child. Please watch for more detailed information to come from your child/ren’s teacher.

Please mark your calendars:

· March 1-5: Read Across America Week – please watch your child’s classroom newsletter, DOJO, Remind, etc. to see what our dress up days and events will be!

· March 10: Spring pictures (Order forms must accompany student as they are only taking pictures for those that wish to purchase a packet.)

· March 12: End of 3rd quarter

· March 14: Daylight Saving Time (turn your clocks ahead one hour)

· March 17: Report cards go home with your child

· March 18 & 19: Spring Break – No school

· March 22: Professional Development Day – No school

· March 23 & 25: Kindergarten Jumpstart – please call the school if you have a child who will be 5 years old by Sept. 1 and you have not received information. We look forward to meeting your future Longfellow Lion!

· March 24-29: Longfellow Papa Murphy Day (ALL DAY) – Order online at and enter the code: SCHOOL at checkout. Longfellow will receive 20% from the day’s online sales. It’s a great way to stock up and freeze pizzas for those rushed evenings! Thank you for supporting Longfellow Elementary!!!

We hope you can participate in activities still to come for our Longfellow Lions and we can’t thank you enough for supporting your child/ren’s school. It’s the family support and partnerships that allow us to work collaboratively to create and provide a positive and progressive educational journey for each of our Longfellow Lions.

Think Spring!

Mrs. Heckenlaible

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Congratulations to our own Mrs. Eitemiller who was just named Mitchell School District Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Eitemiller teaches our lions that physical education can be, and SHOULD be, fun. This year she started the Longfellow Lions Family Fitness Challenge which has been a huge success. Families have been getting active together with the fun challenges Mrs. Eitemiller gives each month. You make us so proud Mrs. Eitemiller!!
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Headphones $5.00

Please ask your learner if their headphones are still working. With Smarter Balance testing coming up in March, they will need working headphones. We have headphones available in the office for $5.00, should they need a pair.

School Info App

Parents: In the settings for this app, you can choose to receive JUST LONGFELLOW announcements. However, if you have kids in another school, or just want to know what's going on in other schools, simply select those as well. If you select District, you will receive notifications on everything.

At times throughout the year, school can be affected due to inclement weather. You should listen to radio stations KORN, KQRN, or KMIT, or watch television stations KDLT, KSFY, or KELO. You could also sign up to receive alerts by following the link below or follow the QR code that is in the SchoolInfoApp flyer in this newsletter (many of you signed up during the fall conference night). You can also find the link through our Longfellow Facebook page.

Click the red button below to get the school district app!

**** Please make sure you have updated any emergency dismissal procedures for your child so that we know how to dismiss your child in the event of an early dismissal.

Kindness counts

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Random Acts of Kindness Day brought a flurry of students leaving wonderful little sticky notes all around the school, reminding everyone to look for the best in life. Students have been spending the month of Februrary thinking of ways to fill one another's buckets with positive words and deeds.

It's Pizza Time!!

Longfellow is having a fundraiser March 24-29, on-line orders only!

Order online at and use the code SCHOOL at checkout.

20% of proceeds will go to the Longfellow PTO!

Kindergarten, here we come!!!

Calling all future kindergarteners! We're ready for you! If your child will turn 5 on or before September 1, 2021, it's time to get on our list for kindergarteners. We are preparing our paperwork now and need to get all our little lions on the list. Do you have a neighbor or friend who lives in Longfellow's boundaries who is ready to start? Please fill out the following form or pick one up in the office. We don't want them to miss our Kindergarten Jumpstart Nights on March 23rd and 25th!

Middle school, here we come!

New opportunities await our current 5th graders as they start their next chapter at Mitchell Middle School. One of those is MCL, an optional way of learnering. On February 3rd, Mr. Reindl (former 5th grade teacher at Longfellow and current Assistant Principal at the Middle School) and Mrs. Mebius spoke with our 5th graders about MCL. There was a meeting with parents on Feb. 22nd. If you were unable to attend, but would like more information, please contact the Middle School.

Longfellow Alumni Scholarship

Longfellow Alumni Scholarship!

To be eligible for the scholarsihp, a student must be a graduating senior at Mitchell Senior High, have attended Longfellow for at least 3 years and be pursuing any higher level of education upon graduation. Don't mis out on this opportunity!

Please click on the following website for more information, including a link to the application. Application is due March 1st!

Save the Date

5th Grade Recognition

Thursday, May 20th, 6:30pm

821 North Capital Street

Mitchell, SD

This year's 5th grade recognition will take place at the Performing Arts Center. Please mark your calendars and watch for more information as this exciting event gets closer.

Upcoming Testing!

The South Dakota summative testing window runs from March 8 through May 7. We do the bulk of our testing in April. Please avoid scheduling appointments during the school day, if at all possible. Testing with their peers is the most normal testing environment for our students. Your help is much appreciated! More detailed grade-level information will come out when the schedule is finalized.

Library News!

Is it time to clean off the bookshelf? If so, we’d love to take those books that your child has outgrown and give them to another Longfellow Lion to enjoy. Mrs. Beukelman is planning on gifting used books to each student and needs your donations to make it happen! Please drop books off at the office or send them with your child. Thank you for helping us give the gift of reading!

Hats off to our Presidents

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Thursday March 18

Friday March 19

Monday March 22


April 1-5 Easter Break

Lost and Found

If your child is missing any clothing, specifically hoodies, please have them check the lost and found. The collection is threatening to overtake us!
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Next week we will be celebrating all things Seuss! There will be fun activities around the school and in the classrooms.

Dress up days:

Wednesday-PJ Day (Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book)

Thursday-Wacky Socks Day (Fox in Socks)

Friday-Hat Day (Cat in the Hat)

We will have fun read-a-louds, including one by a special mystery guest!

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valentine's day fun

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School Board Meeting

Monday, March 8th, 5pm


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Miss Nelson's 4th graders worked on this awesome poster. Each individual picture, listing all of the things they love, make a colorful poster. Though they are all different, together they make a super classroom!

Den C plays Taste Buds

Denc C used different Habits of Mind during this fun activity. First, they used habit #10: Gather data though all senses. What does it smell like, taste like, and feel like? They used habit #9: Communicating through clarity and precision when they explained to their partner what their senses were telling them. Together they used habit #15: Thinking interdependently as they worked together and learned from one another.

Dates to remember

Mar. 1-5 - Read Across America Week

Mon. Mar 8th - School Board mtg 5:00pm, location TBD

Wed. Mar 10th - Spring Picture Day

Fri. Mar 12th - End of 3rd quarter

Sun. Mar 14th - Move clocks forward-Daylight Savings Time begins

Wed. Mar 17th - Zoo Mobile and report cards go home

Thur. & Fri Mar 18-19 - Spring Break NO SCHOOL

Mon. Mar 22 - Staff Development Day NO SCHOOL

Tue & Thurs Mar 23 & 25 - Kindergarten Jumpstart

Apr. 1 - 5 - Easter Break - NO SCHOOL

Spring Forward!!!

Sunday, March 14th at 2:00 AM, change your clocks.

Habits of mind

Longfellow focuses on students making good choices based on Habits of Mind. Every month, 2 habits will be highlighted. Each teacher will choose a student of themonth who demonstrates that month's habits of mind. Way to go Lions! We are SO proud of you!!

March's habits of mind are:

Thinking Flexibly: Look at it another way!

Being able to change perspectives, generate alternatives, consider options.

Taking Responsible Risks: Venture out!

Being adventuresome; living on the edge of one's competence. Try new things constantly.

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Student of the month


Cruz Muntefering is the BK student of the month! Cruz is a very hard worker and always tries his best. He does a great job at thinking flexibly. If something does not work the first time, he will try again in a new way. Cruz also takes responsible risks. He is not afraid to share his thoughts or answer questions, even if he does not give the correct answer. I am so proud of him! Way to go Cruz!


Kingston Galloway is KH's student of the month. Kingston has shown a tremendous amount of growth this year. Kingston has learned to think flexibly and likes to come up with new ideas. If something changes throughout our day, he is quick to change. Kingston is also great at taking risks. He tries new things and will volunteer to answer questions even if he is wrong. Way to go Kingston!


Ellee Balcom is KN's student of the month. Ellee is always thinking flexibily and always coming up with new ideas. If something changes throughout the day, she is the first to mention that it's okay. She's also great at taking responsible risks and is always willing to answer a question, even if she is unsure. She likes to think of new ways to solve a problem in math. It's been so fun to watch her grow over the school year!


Adrian Wesdorp is the KR student of the month for March. He thinks flexibly when there is a change in our daily schedule, and he goes with the flow without complaining. During lunch and snack I can count on him to try new foods. Adrian takes responsible risks each time he answers a question in the classroom. He has learned that an incorrect answer is better than no answer at all. Keep up the great work Adrian!


Wren Long is the student of the month for 1H. Wren is a flexible thinker who listens in order to see things from different points of view. She also takes safe risks as she shares ideas or answers in the classroom. She is willing to learn from her mistakes. Way to go Wren!


Lillian Miller is the student of the month for 1S! Lillian is willing to try to do things in a different way if at first one way does not work out. She also takes safe responsible risks by answering questions and sharing even if she is not sure if she is correct. Way to go Lillian!


Taylor Magnuson is the student of the month for 1V! Taylor is very flexible in the classroom. He really goes with the flow! Taylor is also willing to take responsible risks with challenging problems we encounter. He's willing to try hard and try a new way to see if it will work, even if he's not certain that it will. You rock, Taylor!


Mollie Smith is the student of the month for March in 2B. Mollie is a flexible thinker and can go with the flow if our classroom plans change. Mollie also enjoys a challenge, which makes her a good candidate for taking a responsible risk! Keep up the good work Mollie!


Madlyn Mast is Mrs. McPeek's student of the month. Madlyn is willing to take a responsible risk to answer a question or ask about somthing she needs help with. She is always willing to try her best, even if it is challenging. When things are challenging, she is willing to ask for help or change her thinking to fix the problem. Great job, Madlyn!


Emerson Lingemann is 2J's Student of the Month! Emerson is not afraid to "explain her brain", even if she isn't 100% sure if the answer is correct. She has become so confident in herself this year! If something doesn't go her way, Emerson goes with the flow and is a great leader. Keep being awesome, Emerson!


Brielle Zilla is Mrs. Bakhtiari’s class pick for this month. Brielle is great at “going with the flow” and thinking flexibly during discussions. She knows when and where she should take risks during school. You are doing awesome Brielle!


Shaelyn Galloway is 3G's student of the month. She is always willing to think flexibly and never give up. She is willing to be brave and answer questions that she is not 100% sure of. I love watching her take those responsible risks in front of her classmates, because she knows that she is in a safe zone for making mistakes. I am so proud of you Shaelyn!


Nova Long is 3K's student of the month. She is always willing to take a responsible risk by sharing her ideas and trying new things. She thinks flexibly by seeing when there is a problem and doing her best to help. I am proud of you, Nova!


Presley Peper is 4N's student of the month for March! Presley is one to always think on her feet. She sees a problem and thinks flexibly to solve it and is quick to help others who need it as well. She's an awesome 4th grader to look up to in our Den for our fellow 2nd and 3rd graders. She takes responsible risks to use her time for bettering her Den and classmates, and for that we are so thankful for her! Keep up the work, Presley- you make us so proud!


Oaklee Cwach is 4S's student of the month! Oaklee has grown so much this year and isn't afraid to take a responsible risk, ask questions and always try his best even if it is something that may be a challenge. Oaklee does a great job of thinking flexibly by changing his thinking and listening to others when they are helping explain something in a different way. Keep working hard Oaklee! I am so proud of you!


Reilly Covey is 4/5K's student of the month for March! Reilly can be seen taking responsible tasks throughout the day. He is not afraid to try something new. Reilly is also always thinking flexibly in our classroom. If something doesn't work out, he will try to find a new way.


Tayven Red Day is 5A's Student of the Month for March. Tayven is always thinking flexibly and coming up with creative solutions for problems. He also goes with the flow and can change his thinking at the drop of a hat. He also has taken a ton of responsible risks this year. He is more willing to speak in front of others, read out loud, and share his thinking. Amazing job, Tayven! I am proud of you!


Sebastian Rieger is 5M's student of the month! It has been so awesome seeing Sebastian's confidence and skill set grow this year. He is always thinking flexibly and finding new ways to problem solve. He puts his learning first everyday and can takes responsible risks throughout the day. I can always count on Sebastian to mentor the younger students in Den C whenever they need extra guidance! Great job being a great role model Sebastian, keep working hard!

Random Acts of Art

Longfellow Family Fitness Challenge Video for March!

Watch the video to see what the next set of challenges are. Have fun with them!

Fitness Challenge Winners!

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Longfellow Family Fitness Challenge-complete winners list

Above, you will find photos of just a few of our Challenge winners. Here is the comlete list of names. Congratulations to all of our winners. Your hard work is so fun to see!

January Winners

  1. Hajek Family-basket

  2. Grace Hagen-basket

  3. Aiden Heide-basket

  4. Mollie Smith-basket

  5. Avery Demaranville-basket

  1. Cruz & Ava Kurtenbach- big football + 2 subway

  2. Ryken & Maci Davis- big football + 2 subway

  3. Crago Family-big football + 2 subway

  1. Ryker Snyder-nerf football / subway

  2. Carter Buschbach- nerf football / subway

  3. Colton Cooper-nerf football / subway

  4. Lincoln Kokesh-nerf football / subway

  5. Braylon Heintzmann-nerf football / subway

  6. Bentley Achterberg-nerf football / subway

  1. Tenlee Fenske-mini football game / subway

  2. Kai Walder-mini football game / subway

  1. Brooks Giblin-game / subway

  2. Eddie Kee-game / subway

  3. Kamber Buschbach-game / subway

  4. Mallory Buenzow-game / subway

  5. Thoren Maeschen-game / subway

  6. Leighton Backlund-game / subway

  7. Macy Snyder-game / subway

  8. Raleigh Ramirez-game / subway

  9. Evrhett Zilla-game / subway

  10. Ava Prunty-game / subway

  11. Avey Lowry-game / subway

  12. Kianna Cranmer-game / subway

  13. Reese Flanagan-game / subway

  14. Jordyn Charging Hawk-game / subway

  15. Brody Bannworth-game / subway

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As always, please contact the office if your student will be absent, leaving early, or coming late for any reason. Please include a doctor's slip if your child has a doctor appointment.

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