8th Grade Bulls Newsletter

October 2021

Get Ready!! We have plans for YOU!!!

ELA- We are writing scary stories and finishing our novel studies this month. Of course, we will be reading some short scary stories as well.

Social Studies- We are going into our Native American study. We will also be learning about the Columbian Exchange.

Science- We will continue our study on the properties of water. FYI- You all did a wonderful job on your posters!!!

Math- We will be showing off our linear equation skills in 8th Grade Math. In Math 1, we will be learning how to find the slope of linear equations, tables, graphs, and ordered pairs.

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October Birthdays

Ayden R.

Jaydyn J.

NayenBriley P.





Briley P

Alvin W

Upcoming Events

October 5th, 2021- Volleyball Game- Tuesday, Time: 4:30pm WSMS vs. SSMS

October 8th, 2021- Remote Learning Day- (Students stay home)

October 11th, 2021-Columbus Day (We are not off but we still celebrate that Holiday at SSMS)

October 18th, 2021- PTA Meeting- 6 pm

October 20th, 2021- Football Game- Wednesday 6:00 NSMS vs SSMS @ SSHS

October 22nd, 2021- Report Card (sign and return)

October 25th, 2021-Teacher Work Day- (Students Stay Home)

October 31st, 2021- Halloween

CLUBS!!! It is Club Time!!!

Parents and Students it is finally time for Clubs. You could have joined one or them all but by now you should have received an email from the club coordinator regarding the time and place of your first meeting. If you have not, please reach out to them because he or she may not have you on their roster.

CLUB IT UP :) (Make sure at the end of the year to ask for a reference letter from your club leader! You are in 8th grade and need to start collecting evidence of everything you do outside of school. This will help you to get scholarships, internships, jobs, and entrance in college.)