by Emma


This is about big ship as long as 3 football fields. As tall as a 12 story building. This boat is the R.M.S Titanic.

First class

First class is a life of laxury,it's great. First class has a steam room and a gym with new machinery. One of the most popular places on the whole ship is the Grand stair case. First class is located in the rear of the ship.

Third class

THird class is not what you call a enchanting place. You get almost no attention. You sleep in a cramped room so when you walk in you see the toilet.


The humungous ship has a funnel that is 150 feet tall. The ship's captain is E.J Smith . The boat had 16 life boats, thats only enough for half of the people.


A coupl days into its maiden voyage disaster struck. Titanic had hit an ice burge. The ship sank because they were going to fastin a ice field. 1,517 people died. 705 people survived.2 1/2 hours after it hit the ice burge it broke into 2 pieces.


The Titanic was one of biggest ship of its time. People were devastated. The ship called unsinkable had sank to the bottom.