Escape from Warsaw

by Ian serraillier

Plot Summary

Set in Warsaw, Poland, during 1942, Edek and Ruth's family was attacked by Nazi storm troopers and their mom and dad were arrested by them. Now they are alone. Food and shelter was hard to come by. Then they got a letter from their dad saying they are still alive. But they know how dangerous the trip from Warsaw to Switzerland will be. They also know that if they don't make it they might never see their parents again.

What I Think The Theme Is

I think the theme is that you should have faith in others because through out the story, Ruth had faith that Edek would stay strong and pass the sickness. Ruth also had faith that her parents were alive. This shows faith is important to everyone in different ways.


Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where most of the population were Jews. Warsaw was attacked by Nazi aircrafts on September 1, 1939. After the bombing, surviving Jews hid in the ruins and attacked Nazi police on patrol. If a Jew was found and caught by the Nazis, they were sent to concentration camps. Warsaw was both a safe and dangerous place for the Jews.


I think that the author did a good job on getting facts right, because he did mention in the book about the bombing from the Nazis. He also described the damage to the city. In the book, he also mentioned about digging tunnels, which really happened. The Jews dug tunnels through out the city so they could smuggle food and other supplies.


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