Act 2 scene 1
romeo and mercutio and benvolio. all chilling leaving after the party. but romeo goes back to the party. he ditches his brothers to go see juliet. his bros get scared and start looking for him. mercutio teases romeo because he thinks that he still loves rosaleen. they dont know whats up.

Act 2 scene 2 friar lawrence chills and loves plants and weeds and herbs. thats what he does. romeo comes to talk to him. romeo wants to marry juliet, and he wants friar to assist. they discuss rosaleen, and how romeo dont love her any more. romeo speaks of juliet and how much he loves her. he also says that she also loves him. so friar lawrence agrees to marry them.

Act 2 scene 3 Romeo gets a letter from Tybalt. He wants to fight. Mercuric and benvolio discuss as to whether or not Romeo will fight And what exactly happened to him the night of the party. Romeos friends see him and they criticize him for leaving. They were mad. The nurse comes to tell Romeo that Juliet is ready to marry him but his friends start being jerks. She tells him. Romeo says to meet him with Lawrence at confession. The nurse also said that she will make a cloth laser for him to get to Juliet on their wedding night.

Act 2 scene 4 Juliet waits for the nurse to bring back the news. When she gets there. She jokes and won't tell her at first. But she eventually tells her that Romeo wait at Lawrence's. the nurse waits for a montague servant to bring a ladder for Romeo.

Act 2 scene 5 Romeo waits for Juliet with Lawrence. He says that he is so happy now he don't care about anything bad that might happen in the future. Lawrence says that he is dumb. And that stuff if gonna get bad. Juliet gets there, they talk all flirty and cute, they leave with Lawrence, they are now wed