The Sydney Opera House

Australia's beautiful landmark

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The Designer of the Opera House

The designer, Jorn Utzon, designed this amazing structure because it was part of a designing contest. There were 232 other contestants and there were four judges, Utzon's design was rejected by the first, second, and third judges, but the fourth judge, renouned American architect Eerin Saarinen, declared it outstanding. Utzon's design was known by many as the greatest sight in Sydney, now it is one of the greatest sights of Austrailia and a unique sight to see as you're pulling into the harbor. Jorn Utzon was recognized for this by a room being built in his honor, The Utzon Room is a large dining room with a large table as well as many chairs and a very decorative wall. Jorn died on November 29, 2008.

Round the Clock Wonder

This place is an amazing sight at litterally any time off the day, dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, dusk, and midnight are all great times to see this. At dawn or dust, the brilliant orange and red of the sky reflects off of the house and at night, there are lights all over the house and it stands out on the darkness of the night. During any other time of the day, you can really just pay attention to the sheer size and structure of this building. It looks even better when you slowly pull towards it in the harbor, if you go by boat that is.
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