The Believers Daughter

Caitlyn Duffy


Grace goes to treadwell academy, when one day her roommate just packs up and leaves.

Little did she know she would be doing the very same thing the very next day.

Grace's older brother gets a girl pregnant, and her father get really really mad. So, they both decided to run off to New York to run away. Little did they know how hard life would be with no rich parents, so they have to learn to live life without being spoiled.

why people should read

This book is a great written book. It has a great vocabulary and a great plot. I would recommend this book to anybody any day. But I think teenage girls would prefer this book. (This is a picture of my friends and I because we are teenage girls and I think they would both like this book)


This book is in a series, the _______ daughter series there are three books in this series. They are all different book about different people but have lots of connections in them.