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Film Review

The movie was completely terrible. The movie totally changed everything about the book. They made Sam and Vienna have way much more romance and the plot is just different. The people playing the characters are good actors it's just the plot. They didn't even mention that Sam caused the electric surge of the country. The movie didn't mention Ursula, they said it was another agency that was causing all the problems. The characters are Spencer List as Sam, Megan Weckwerth as Vienna, Skander Keynes as Dodge, and Mark Wahlberg as Tyler.

Advice Column

Dear Makayla, My Friend is having health problems. He keeps playing video games without breaks for a long time. I saw him recently and he looked really bad; his body is in bad state, and has bad eye bags. What advice should I give him, to make his health better? -SAM

Dear SAM, I think that your friend should take multiple breaks in between his video games. And for his health, he should go to the doctor to see if he needs any help, because if this keeps up, he could or will have insomnia.


Sam and Dodge thought that the problems were coming from the neuro headsets(which they were), but they were actually coming from Ursula. Ursula felt threatened so she kept hurting people. She even encrypted false memories in Tyler's brain. After that Sam, Dodge, and Vienna, made a virus to make sure people didn't put on headsets and to "blind" Ursula.

Sam-Leader like, smart, thinker.

Dodge- Talented, stubborn, Laid back.

Vienna- Cold, stubborn, high-strung, thinker.

Tyler- Stubborn.

ursula- Computer, feels threatened.

HELP Wanted!!!!

We need some skillful hackers to help us with the Neuro Headsets.
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Skander Keynes "The Absorb actor"

Skander Keynes Is an amazing actor. He amazingly pulls off medieval concepts well. He played his part as Dodge great, his accent was on-point and his stature was good. Most popular for playing Edmund in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'(2005-2010). He would like to be remembered as an actor who gets into character, who "absorbs" his roles, and can play his character well.