How Did He Kill Him

by Davonte and AJ

John Wilkes Booth awoke depressed p.9

this is a direct quote because the author directly say it in the book.

The Man who was the subject of all his hating and plotting would stand on very stone steps where he now sat. p.11

This is indirect quote it shows that Booth wanted vengence on Abraham Lincoln.

He did not want to harm or see the Vice President he just wanted to leave him a note. p.15

This is an indirect quote. This shows that Booth is mysterious because of his speech. He wants to kill the President but dont want to kill or harm the Vice President.

Booth chose as his primary weapon a .44 caliber, single shot, muzzle-loading pistol manufactured by Henry Deringer of Philadelphia. p.16

This is an indirect quote. This quote shows that Booth is confident through his actions because he tries to kill the President with a single shot which can back fire.

Booth left his hotel with a few small objects including photographs of his five favorite girlfriends

this quote shows that booth if flirtacious. he shows this through actions because he has five or more girlfriends.
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Our Prediction

Were predicting that Booth is going to kill the president and leave town. they will start a man search for booth. they will put a bounty on his head. many people will start looking for him so they can get the bounty.they will end up killing booth and they will give the person the bounty. then abraham lincoln will be praised because he died after the freed the slaves and winning the civil war.