Flint Montessori News

September 2017

Getting Into the Swing of Things

This school year is entering its fourth week, and work in the two elementary classrooms is moving along. Maria Montessori had a term for this process of children finding their rhythm by developing their ability to concentrate, choosing works that appeal to them, and becoming self-disciplined- she called it "normalization."

She believed that children become normalized when their developmental needs are met. A Montessori classroom is built around those needs, and the first several weeks of a new year are spent "becoming normalized." What are the signs a child has reached that point? They include having love of order and of work, being able to concentrate, appreciating silence and working alone, having the power to act from real choices, showing independence and initiative, and being joyful.

Volunteer Opportunity

Wednesday, Sep. 27th, 4:30pm

1518 University Avenue

Flint, MI

We will be receiving a shipment of several ready-to-assemble shelves for the two new Montessori classrooms at Durant Tuuri Mott- and we are looking for a few volunteers to help us put them together. No special talent is required, but bringing a screwdriver would be helpful. The shipment is expected this Wednesday (September 27). If you are interested, please contact Elizabeth Jordan at (810) 610-7209 or jordanel19@yahoo.com for details (and so we can be sure to confirm with you that the shelves have arrived before you show up).