Emerging Tecnology


Coding is a very important thing for the future of education and life itself. Most of the emerging jobs have to do with computers and coding. Our entire class did at least an hour of coding to get familiar with it. Then we started making games and doing challenges.
What Most Schools Don't Teach

3-d Scanning

3-d scanning is a extremely cool technology and sometimes funny. 3-d scanning allows you to scan an object in real life and have a 3-d image of it pop up on you computer. this is done by taking pictures at different angles and positions. It can turn out funny because some cameras don't detect depth so you can end up inside out. In class we tried several different ways to do this. The two most prominent was with the Ipad and a xbox 360 kinect. The Ipad was the one that made you take pictures and hope it didn't come out like a picaso, but the kinect was able to use depth so it gave us a spectacular scan.
Ten24 3D Scanning

3d printing

If you though scanning in 3-D was cool wait until you see that object get printed in 3-D. Like I just said 3-D printing allows You to create a 3-d object out of thin air. well not really thin air more like plastic, metal, and even food. Thats right you can have a 3-D printed pizza. In class we all printed out creatures we made in 123D.
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The last thing we looked at in class was robotics. Robotics was extremely fun and a great learning experience. In class we experimented with Spheros. We played with them for the first couple days and then we used problem solving and coding to maneuver a course we built in the room.
Meet Sphero 2.0