Renewable Energy Presentation

By: Niku Tabatabai, Francisco Rodriguez, and Christian Clark

A Global Problem

In our world today, the use of fossil fuels has had many negative consequences on our environment. Fossil fuels have led to pollution, global warming, an increase in government reliability on foreign countries for resources. This issue is important because it affects all of the future generations, our economy, and the health of our communities. Therefore, the environment needs to become somewhat of a priority for people.

National Geographic Documentary

  • A main argument of this documentary is that the planet has been suffering through many environmental problems and a solution must be found.
  • The key solution to these problems is 100% renewable energy.
  • There are many forms of renewable energy (Ex: solar) and there is at least one that works in most types of environments and climates.
  • This documentary educates viewers on the different types of renewable energy.
  • Overall, this documentary is about the different types of renewable energy that would serve as a solution to all the negative effects fossil fuels have had on the environment, such as pollution.

ElonMusk - Thoughts on transitioning to 100% renewable energy

Source B

  • The main arguments of this source are that a large percent of new energy comes from renewable energy and that the future for the children can be great if there is a shift towards the complete use of renewable energy.
  • Shows readers that we can have healthier communities and a livable future for the kids growing up today if we transform the way we produce and consume energy.
  • Includes the current statistics on the use of renewable energy, current trend of energy uses, and how the 2016 has been an important year for the renewable energy source movement.
  • Uses mainly logos with some pathos
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Source E

  • Focused on the implementation and continuation of plans regulating emissions of pollution through alternative energy sources that are not clean.
  • Provides statistics as evidence as well as examples, such as the Clean Car Program, various technology use standards to help the environment, aid the movements to clean, and renewable energy.
  • Similar to the documentary because the video presents aspects of the movement such as new developing technology to be used or new regulations and federal standards to limit the use of non-renewable energy.
  • Presents the idea that all levels of government should be participating in building existing momentum to use energy more efficiently, increase production of energy from renewable sources, and favor the scaling back of the use of unclean energy sources with negative effects on the environment.
  • Uses logos and ethos
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Source I

  • Analysis of fossil fuels and how negatively they are affecting our environment.

  • Goes into depth about the benefits of renewable energy and how we, as a nation, can implement them into all forms of civilization.

  • Provides analysis of harmful emissions and how they stack up to various other renewable energy sources.

  • Goes in depth about why fossil fuels need to stop being used and how the various types of renewable energy will affect our environment positively.

  • Provides a 40 year plan on how we as a nation can fully switch over to renewable energy.

  • Pollution can reduced by over 75% within the first few months of using 100% renewable energy.

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Fossil fuels have led to many devastating outcomes for our environment. Pollution and global warming have become bigger and more global issues that seem to be affecting our world more and more recently. In order to improve our environment for the future generations to come, we must switch to 100% renewable energy. One way we can implement 100% renewable energy is to educate people on the benefits and also explain how easy it is to start using renewable energy. Our plan of action should be to educate people on the benefits of renewable energy and it's long term effects. This will lead to people making smarter and more educated decisions.



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