Why they came to the U.S.

Some Italians came to the U.S because they wanted to earn lots of money and then go back to Italy. Some also came because there was to many people living in Italy.

First years in America.

Lots of Italians lived in New York. About 340,000 Italians lived in the U.S. Most Italians wanted to live by other Italians.

Where they settled.

Some people moved to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago.

A tradition that they brought with them.

Two festivals are the grape festival and one where they honor their village saints/ Virgin Mary. The grape festival is where they get a lot of picked grapes from their gardens and get together and eat them. It is more than 100 years old.

Fun facts

1)Italy is in the shape of a boot.

2)in 1870 Italy had a king as a leader.

3) some jobs that they had were building streets, subways, bridges, sewers, skyscrapers and railroads they also working Factories.