By: Jordan Clayton

What is Psychology??

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

There are many types of psychology.

There are Clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, developmental psychologists, educational psychologists, community psychologists, industrial psychologists, organizational psychologists, and experimental psychologists.
  • Clinical Psychology- This type of psychology deals with people and their personal problems, they mainly work in private practices, mental hospitals, prisons and clinics.
  • Counseling Psychology- Advise and assist people with the problems of every day life they usually work in their own office, schools, or industrial firms.
  • Developmental psychology- they study physical, emotional, cognitive, and social changes that occur through life. They study children the elderly and the even the process of dieing
  • educational psychologists- deal with topics related to teaching children and young adults such as intelligence, memory, problem solving, and motivation.
  • community psychology- may help design, run or evaluate a mental health clinic, usually works in a mental health or social welfare agency operated by the state or local government or by private organization.
  • industrial/ organizational psychologists- are employed by business firms and government agencies. They study and develop methods to booth production, improve working conditions place applicants in jobs for which they are best suited, train people and reduce accidents.
  • experimental psychologists- perform research to understand how humans operate physically and psychologically


If i had to pick a field of psychology i would pick the experimental field. You get to study how humans operate physically and psychologically. you get to get interactive with it and perform research and experiments. They do everything from testing how electrical stimulation of a cretin area of a rats brain affects its behavior to studying how disturbed people think.