Life As We Knew It

Susan Beth Pfeffer

My Summary

Everything was normal until the moon was knocked out of orbit.

Asteroids hit the moon all the time, but the one scheduled to hit at on Wednesday, is one of the largest ones. To Miranda, the impending asteroid can only mean one thing: more homework. her best friends fighting, her dad's newly pregnant wife, and the fight with her mother over whether or not she can return to ice skating after a serious injury. Miranda goes outside with her family to watch the asteroid hit the moon.

This asteroid creates worldwide disasters. The moon is responsible for many of Earth's environmental controls. Tidal waves destroy coastal cities, killing millions of people. Thunderstorms knock out the electricity in Miranda's school.

She visits her friends, who are not the same people they were before the disaster.

When people are giving up hope, starving, and dying of diseases we rarely get, Miranda is still clinging to normality. She still wants to date Dan, her swimming teammate, and she fights with her mother about her father and brothers. Her determination helps her family survive of deadly flu. Even though she fights with her mother, Miranda never gives up on loving her. Miranda might not know how long they will survive, but she does know that by working together they stand a chance.