Jeremy Mcgrath

By Gabe Urbanski

if you are born with an amazing talent you should try to use it as much as you can like Jeremy Mcgrath. This is why i chose Jeremy Mcgrath because i think he is awesome.Jeremy Mgrath was a Supercross legend. he liked to be a show off thats why he got the nickname showtime.
Jeremy McGrath Terrafirma 2

Background Information

This is some of the background information about Jeremy Mcgrath. He was born in November 19,1971. he had a sister this was his only sibling. he won 72 250cc motocross championships. These are only a few of the things about him.


These are some of the accomplishments of Jeremy Mcgrath. Jeremy Mcgrath Won 72 consecutive races in a single season. He is a 12 time champion of the monster supercross. he had 24 thousand points in one year of bmx.


These are some of the difficulties that Jeremy Mcgrath.

Personal Qualities

Jeremy Mcgrath has many different qualities. He has been a showoff ever since he was 4. He has been an overachiever ever since he was 11. He has been a daredevil ever since he was 4. He is also a friendly person.

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Theses are some of the reasons he stopped racing supercross. He had an injury so he couldn't race for a whole season. He started racing in trucks offroad. He got bored of supercross.