The Hollywood Sign

The more you know

We all have dreamed of going to Hollywood. But a lot of us couldn't tell when it was built, or who the architect was. Did you know that the Hollywood sign was built in December 14, 1923? I thought you didn't. But now you do. A hotspot for tourism, lots of people come to see this sign every day! Are you ready to learn about one of the most popular monuments in the US?



The construction of the Hollywood sign was began early in the 20th century. It was built as a real estate advertisement to capitalize the growth and recognition of Hollywood.(History Channel) The architect was the Englishman Thomas Fisk Goff.( It cost around $21,000 to build.( Articles went around during construction as the sign reached certain milestones.( The construction went well, and the finished product was beautiful, and it definitely capitalized on the growth, as it brought in many tourist.


The Hollywood sign is very iconic and it stands for Hollywood. It symbolizes Hollywood and the film industry.( Many people travel to Hollywood to see the sign because it attracts tourist.( It is iconic and a popular spot for great photography.( It's popularity kept it alive for 92 years. ( But the sign has been through so much over it's 92 years of lifetime, you would be surprised it still stands.

What the sign has been through

The sign has went throughout much change over time. One of the biggest changes was that the sign used to say HOLLYWOODLAND.( The original sign was also a lot bigger.( During the Great Depression, the sign could not be illuminated because they couldn't afford it, so it went dark. ( In 1949, they almost took it down after Los Angeles purchased 455 acres of land but because the people loved it so much, they only took down the "LAND" part. Countless times, the sign has been through threats, shutdowns, and it even was a spot for suicide, but no matter how many times our sign is hurt, it will stand!

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