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Grades K-2 Skitch app with Destiny

To help students learn how to use Destiny to checkout their books, we have been using iPads, the Skitch app, Reflector software, and a PC projecting to a large screen.

Photos of book ISBN and library barcodes were snapped with the iPad and then "reflected" through Reflector software to the big screen. Students then practiced locating the correct barcode to scan using the Skitch app on the iPad. Screenshots of the Destiny checkout screen on the web were projected and "marked up" with Skitch too. What barcode do I scan? What buttons do I click to checkout my book?

Next up... How do I search Destiny and log in to place a hold on a book?

3rd Grade- Fotobabble Book Reviews

Students had fun as they learned how to post their library book reviews for Stuart Goes to School using the Fotobabble app on the new iPads.

Check out some of our Fotobabble at this link or scroll down to see examples of their work.

4th Grade-Ipad Scavenger Hunt

Students completed an iPad scavenger hunt to familiarize themselves with 9 common iPad apps, such as Quick Voice, Maps, Show Me, and Notes. They finished by scanning a QR code with the Qrafter app to watch a short video on how to properly shutdown their apps. Other iPad skills they practiced were multitasking gestures, how to use iPad maps, and how to take a screenshot.

Next up...Google Earth, Book Creator and Google Drive on the iPads!

5th Grade- Colar and Haiku Deck on the iPads

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