The Dolphin Echo

Families: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Dolphin Families,

I hope you and your kiddos are having a lovely February. I confess, February is one of my favorite months with the blooming mustard and acacia trees and springlike weather. I hope you and your kids have gotten to go out a bit to enjoy it.

We are moving right along with our plans to be ready to re-open to hybrid learning March 1. Please be sure to confirm the learning option you prefer in Illuminate. Go to the "Forms" section and fill out the form. We will be using this data to finalize our stable group cohorts and staffing.

Here are some other updates:

  • As many of you know, there is a rather substantial homeless camp in the city field behind the school. As the city tries to relocate the homeless population to new locations, we are moving ahead with getting a temporary fence put up between our campus and the field to discourage people from walking onto and through our campus.
  • Vaccines have started for our staff who are currently doing in-person assessments and/or on-site in-person distributions. We're still waiting to hear when the overall teacher vaccine distribution will begin. This will be coordinated through the Sonoma County Office of Education.

  • More PPE supplies are being distributed to sites this week.

  • We have confirmed that busing will be available to students who had it last year. We are also waiting to hear about childcare though we know the SAFS office is working hard on this topic.

  • Another update is that we are getting an isolation tent. This will be set up between K1 and K2 and consists of the following: EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent w/ Sidewalls, Metal folding chairs (4 per tent), Portable Handwashing station, Sandwich board signage, Emergency bathroom bucket (note: these students will have access to the bathroom in K2 as well as we have "set it aside" for this use--it will be closed for cleaning after use), Space heater (for really cold days)

  • Between the district and our site, we have ordered school supplies for student's in-person return, including school supplies, recess equipment for each in-person classroom, and color-coded materials to aid in designating walking zones and safe distances for each stable group. This includes color-coded lanyards for students, color-coded vests for staff, color-coded duct tape and dots for around campus, and color-coded signage.

  • I am finalizing our site-specific hybrid information plan have also just finished videotaping a video that will explain how students coming back to the site will be dropped off, picked up, and some expectations for them while students are on campus--this will be shared out asap.

As you can see, we are working very hard to be able to open as soon as we are told we are allowed to. Thank you for your patience and hard work with your students. We really appreciate you.


Mrs. Cooper

Please join us for Zoom Play Week: Feb. 22-26. Your teacher has the Zoom links!

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School Site Council: Votes are in!

Thank you all for voting for our new School Site Council Family Representatives. Our new representatives are Danielle Morell, Martha Rodriguez, Veronica Gaona, Beatrice Munoz, and Dee Edwinson. We look forward to working together to further improve our school.

Free Tutoring Via Zoom after school

If you are interested in your child participating in tutoring and homework help after school hours, please contact the office at 707-890-3935 to put them on our tutoring list. We will be in touch as openings come up!

If you haven't seen it yet--please check out our February Virtual School Assembly! Wait for the end for our Wheel of Wonderful winners!

February Virtual Assembly 2021
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Attention Future KA & K Dolphins!

We are officially registering future Dolphin Students for both KA and K. If you have a child who is 4 turning 5, or a child who is already 5, or a child who will be 5 by August 2021 - then please give us a call!

We have 2 different programs, and your child may fit into the criteria for one of them!

We also love it when our Dolphin Families tell their friends, neighbors, and family about Helen Lehman. We have a special group of students, staff, and teachers. We would love to see all of your children on our campus one day!

Give us a call with any and all questions related to KA and K! (707) 890-3935.

Attendance Raffles!

  1. All students who attend school on Wednesday will automatically be put into a school raffle and winners will be randomly chosen. Winners at each grade level will be announced on Fridays and students can come to pick out a toy of their choosing.
  2. All students with perfect attendance for a month will be put in a BIG raffle--again, winners are randomly chosen to receive a bigger prize. For February, the families who win will receive a gift basket as well as a deluxe art set for the kiddo. We will continue to do a big monthly prize each month going forward!

School Distributions of Materials

Due to COVID numbers being so high, we need to further limit the traffic on site. Starting in January, we will e doing distributions only twice a week. Please see the schedule below.
  • Tuesdays, 8am-4pm, KA-3rd grades
  • Thursdays, 8am-4pm, 4th-6th grades

When you are on campus

As we welcome families/students to campus for our various material distribution, we'd like to remind you of a few health and safety protocols.

1. Please stay home if you or your student:

  • exhibit COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. fever of 100.4°F or higher, cough, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, etc.)
  • tested positive for COVID-19, and are within the 10-day isolation period
  • have had close contact (longer than 15 minutes) with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • live or cohabitate with a person who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19
  • traveled outside of the state (specifically to high-risk areas) within the past 14 days

2. While on campus, please respect social distancing of 6 feet and wear a mask at all times. We recommend sanitizing your hands prior to and after the event.


Need more tech support?

Password Hotline: 707-890-3777 If a District Chromebook is not working submit a help ticket through this link or call 707-890-3848

Mental Health Crisis Resources for SRCS Families

This link will take you to a flyer with numbers for crisis support, local mental health services, and other holtlines.

Click here to learn more about free meals

This link will provide you with the locations and times of all meal distributions.