Causes of the American Revolution

By: Dylan Armstorng

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American Revolution

The American Revolution started in 1650 when King George lll made a bunch of acts that taxed things that the British loved to use ,so they could get more money. Each act the British boycotted and King George lll had to repeal the act. One of the biggest acts was the Stamp act. That's was when the King George lll taxed everything that had to do with paper. Also the Tea act was a big act because the British love tea. All the acts led up to the Boston Masacar. The Boston Masacar was a big event beacause some of the British soldiers killed some of the British dockworker. The solider only killed five people so it really wasn't a Masacar.

Navigation Act

The Navigation Act was an effort to put the theory of mercantilism into actual practice.The two rules that the colonist had to follow when trading goods was they were only allowed to trade with the English colonies, and the items were only allowed to trade within the empire. During this time they passed an act called to Sugar Act. This act made the colonist buy more sugar from the British. The most significant impact on the Navigation Act was stifling of colonial manfacturing and increasing resentment against the mother country.
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The Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation of 1763 started after the French and Indian was. King George lll issued the Proclamation of 1763 because he didnt want any more tension with the American Indians. The colonist were very angry about this.

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was created to raise money to protect the colonist. The Stamp Act taxed everything that had to do with paper. Sam Adams and the Committees of Correspondence boycotted the act. The Stamp Act Congress decided that the colonial government should be the only one to tax the colonist. King George lll couldnt respond the the boycott any other way but to repeal the act.
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Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was when soldiers could walk up to your door and say I would like to sleep in your bed. Your had to let them. The two major issues that the colonist had with this act was that they lost the rights of their property, and housing the soldiers and supplying for them cost a lot.
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Townshend Act

The Townshend Act was an act that taxed items like tea, glass, paper. The Daughters of Liberty made there own stuff to protest against this act. After the act was repealed in 1770 the British government continued to tax tea because they wanted to show that they still had power to tax. The Sons of Liberty used violence and attached homes of British officials because of this.

Boston Massacre

Some of the British soldiers attached some of the British dockworkers. The soldiers killed only 5 people so it really wasn't a massacre. Samuel Adams responded the the incident as propaganda. John Adams chose to defend the soldiers in trile.
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Tea Act & Boston Tea Party

The tea act was win the British taxed the tea and the British East India tea company was the only one who could sell tea. The colonist were unhappy. The Boston tea party was when the colonist threw the tea out in the ocean.
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Coercive Act

An effort to make the colonist pay for tea. The for laws that the British enforced were British colonist power. British made it were America couldn't have town meetings.