Melanie Martinez

singer and song writter


Impacted by here grandmother, Melanie loves to reveal stories through her music. She aims on creativity to stand out from the others. She also includes little bits of each music type in her music such as folk, electronic, and hip hop.

Personal Life

Melanie was born as Melanie Adele Martinez in Baldwin, New York, April 28,1995. She grew up listening to Beatles records and hip-hop music owned by her dad. Melanie then realized she could sing. She would lock herself in her room making sure no one could hear her, then practiced for hours on hours on her own. At 14 years of age she then started a YouTube channel but more often did original tracks compared to covers, but she also did covers every once in a while. Melanie was also bullied about her singing, but never let them stop her from singing/writing. This was then the start of Melanie Martinez's singing and songwriter career.

Fun fact: At the age of 16, she bleached her hair on one half. Her influence being Cruella De Vil. Her mom then didn't talk to her for a week. :D

The Voice

While still in high school, the year of 2012 Melanie won a spot in the television series, The Voice. Thinking she wouldn't get that far, she performed Britney Spears "Toxic" for her audition. During the end of the performance she got three out of four judges to turn around. The three being Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton. She then chose to be on Adam Levine's Team. She made it to week five, being one of the top 6 finalist, before being eliminated via audience vote, she then stated "I never expected to get this far and this is beyond what I've ever dreamed of. Im just so I glad got to express who am as an artist and really touch peoples hearts because that was the ultimate goal."

Rise to fame

After being eliminated from The Voice Melanie Martinez began working on solo material. In April 7,2014 Martinez announced that she would be going on tour after being signed with Atlantic Records. In the year of 2014 she released "Dollhouse" featured in her debuted EP along with songs such as "Carousel". "Dollhouse" was released April 22,2014 with a music video, which currently has 36 million views. 2015 was the year she returned with her full length album "Cry Baby". She then stated that the "point of the album was to take child hood themes and relate them to adult situations", this is why all the tittles of the songs are "childish". But why Cry Baby? well Cry Baby is a character based off of herself, Cry Baby represents the darker side of Melanie. At the beginning of the story, Cry Baby is expresses as an emotional and very insecure girl, but overtime and experience, she starts to realize that there's things about her she can't change and becomes more happy about who she is. Which is the main messages Melanie wants people to recognize. She then released a Christmas special call "Gingerbread Man" on December 23, 2015. And is still planing to make more music based off of Cry Baby.

Extra facts

  • here first word was "mine!" this happened when her dad took away the ice cream she was holding in her hand, and Melanie screamed "mine!"
  • most of her tattoos are based off of childhood memories.
  • she never performs with shoes on instead Lacey socks
  • colkects stuffed animals an toys from the 50's and 60's
  • doesn't own a pair of jeans