World War I

William Morgan-1

The Start of The Great War

It all started when a Serbian man named Gavrilo Princip was furious at Austria-Hungary interference in Serbia's affairs in 1914 and decided to shoot the heir to the throne and his wife. This enraged Austria-Hungary and they declared War on Serbia. With all the alliances Serbia and Austria-Hungary had, all of Europe fell apart. Their were two sides were named the Controlled powers witch contained Austria-Hungary and its alliance ,Germany, and the Central powers witch contained France, Britain, Russia and The United states.

The Weapons

WWI was known as the great war because it had the most deadliest weapons, from poisonous gas to tanks. Poisonous gas otherwise known as mustard gas was a slow and painful death that some took weeks to kill a soldier. It would start by swelling up the victims throat,eyes,and organs and burned it.The guns were used the most out of any weapon. The bolt-action rifle was most common among the British was called British lee-infield,a 0.303 inch mark III rifle. That fact and the rest of the facts are from First world So know that I don't get copyrighted on with the facts.The most common weapon rifle from Germany is called the German Mauser.The German Mauser was a 7.92 mm rifle. The two most common French rifles were the French lebel and the French berthier.The label was a 8 mm rifle and the berthier was a the same but lighter and more stability. We used the U.S. Springfield but it was very heavy so in the field soldiers used M1917. Austro-Hungary used the styer-mannlicher.Then machine guns were the guns that caused the most casualties and took at least 4 men to work it.Now for the tanks, the first tank was called little willie and soon evolved into big willie. The little willie could only move 3mph and could not move over trenches.

Trench War

The trench wars had the worse conditions. It had dead bodies around every corner and soldiers got sicknesses called trench feet witch even made the strongest soldiers cry at night. With standing in freezing cold water and suffering frost bite and trench feet soldiers were ordered to put whale oil and other oils on their feet. They had a hard time sleeping and could never let their guard down because of the threat of an enemy surprise attack. One Christmas however they decided to come out of the trenches (both sides of the war) and made peace for a little bit but then the generals threw grenades and the soldiers scattered back to the trenches and the war went on.

The end of the great war

The war ended with the Germans signing the treaty of Versailles. They were also responsible for paying for all the damage caused by the war. This nearly destroyed the German economy. But their was peace between Germany and the world for 20 Years until World War II.