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All you need to know to find your way this week


You all know how much I love the Kid President. He puts things in simple terms so that we can all easily apply them in our lives. For the next five days he has the #simplygivethanks focus leading to Thanksgiving. Here is what I am thankful for:

UIL Thanks-Kim Reiter, what an awesome job you did coordinating UIL for our campus. UIL coaches, your hard work with your students was obvious during the awards ceremony. I couldn't have been more proud to be a part of the Cox family. UIL students, you cheered on your classmates whether you placed or not. It was great to see you truly being the Wylie Way.

Cafeteria Staff for a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch!

Katheryn To'afa for always creating music that drifts into my office throughout the day.

Pam Perkins for introducing me to augmented reality through your classroom lessons.

Allyson Palmer for coordinating the testing calendars and groups for the students each month.

My list could go on and it may continue throughout the week. What are you thankful for? Why don't you let that person know somehow this week. I am positive you will both be better for it.

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Emergency Drills

Please be sure to review duck and cover drills with your students this week.

Superintendent's Blog

Read what Dr. Vinson says about the current math expectations in Texas and his proposals to help the teachers and students in the classroom.
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Joey Thanksgiving Pants