The Compounds Family

How Mrs. Lipids and Mr. Cells Compounds met.

Mr. Compounds

Cells Compounds is the step brother of the well-known billionaire, Jacob R. Compounds. Mr. Compounds met Mrs. Lipids when he was in college, of which he attened Carbohydrates University. He had saw her struggling with her dorm keyknob, and he purposely spilled ketchup that he had gotten from McEnergy just a few minutes ago, as an excuse to talk to her. In a few minutes, he already had her number and had schelduled a date for a week later. He felt at a state of Homeostasis when he was near her. Eventually, after 12 years of dating, he asked her to marry him.

Mrs. Lipids

Mrs. Compounds was the sister of  Chad Proteins Lipids, the millionaire. He is the assistant CEO of Mr. Jacob R. Compounds' company, JacObs Inc. Jacobs Compounds and Chad Lipids set up Cells and Nucleic Acids (Nacids for short). Although Nacids doesn't exactly like Chad, when she met this Cells guy he had always been talking about, she fell head over heels in protein. She felt that Cells was really far ahead in evolution, like she.
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Above is a picture of Chad Proteins Lipids.

Chad Lipids is responsible (along with Jacob R. Compounds) for setting up Cells and Nacids. Mr. Lipids is the assistant CEO of JacObs Inc. Mr. Compounds and Mr. Lipids play basketball every Saturday, and the stakes are a million dollars a game. When asked, "Do you always play with stakes like this?" He responded, "No, sometimes we play with actually high stakes."