Ruler of my world

I dont want to live like this anymore

"You wear a mask so long, you forget who you were beneath it."

This quote was said by v from the movie v for vendetta. This quote was said under the context that he had to hide for so long and be someone else that the person he once was doesnt exsit anymore. This quote realtes so much to a dytopian society because you have to act and feel a way you woudnt and this retricts a person so much that it changes them. Even in the world we live in today you cant put yoursellf out there 100% because you either get judged very bad or you just dont fit in.

Dystopian society in our world

The definition of a dystopian society is where people have no control of anything. It is a place where they suffer and they are forced to do things they don’t want to and live in constant terror of what might be able to happen. If you are caught doing something that goes against the government you can be punished by isolation, torture and even death. This is a place where the government makes you believe that it is the only good way of living.The world we live in today is slowly starting to become a dystopian world due to all the advances in technology we are having. Due to all this, humans are having less and less privacy at what they are doing and at their lives. As stated in the big brother, big data article “Your life today has a digital signature. Where you eat, shop and travel; whom you call, e-mail and text; every website, café and museum you visit even once is all stored in the great digital cloud. And you can't delete anything, ever.” The number one problem with all this is that we are hooked-up to some sort of device every waking hour of the day, there are cameras placed everywhere we go and the government can use the satellites from outer space to track us. The problem is we put our life out there on social networks and people can look at them when ever they feel like it. Also another problem that comes along with this is that we are constantly using technology that people out there can learn to get around and are able to hack into our personal accounts and see everything about us like our bank accounts and social security numbers. Another problem we have is that we are constantly making up stories, making movies and even constantly thinking of the world coming to an end. When we do this, we always make it a dystopian society where someone one else is put in charge. A great example of this is the TV show the walking dead. It is about a group of survivors that have to go through so much, live in a world they don’t want to and have a group of people in charge of everyone. They decide their future, how they live, where they live, what they do and what they eat. Even though we say we are against a dystopian society, we are so caught up in doing everything possible for it to become this.

Rise Against - Re-Education (Lyrics) *HQ*

Let's protest!

Monday, Dec. 23rd, 12pm

Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW

Atlanta, GA

This even is taking place so we can stand up to all the people who think it is okay to tell us citizens what to do, how to live and what to think. If enough people show up for this event they will have no other choice but to surrender and leave us alone! Everyone and anyone will be able to speak their mind and tell us what they think.

Trends as mini-dystopia

A great example of this is the christian religion. Here you are told you have to believe in religion and in god or else you will go to hell. This is a religion that has no freedom in living or in believing, They say one person made up all the laws and it has to be followed exactly as told,