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Team Newsletter - Week of September 21st

Have you kept your eye on the prize???

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Remember, if you get on the wall by Wed. morning, you'll be in the next raffle. All you need is $500 in sales. We do a raffle each Wednesday and there are still 2 Wednesdays left of the month. A Kate Spade bag is up for grabs. I would love to fill up the wall with many more faces.
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This Week's Focus - EOM Rally!!!

MONDAY: Outreach, outreach, outreach

Check your pop up dates for September and utilize any raffle codes that have not been used. Many pop ups are at zero sales and need some action. Grab a sale today if you have codes left to use for September!!! Also, we need to make sure to be following up on any and all pop ups and incentive/credit levels. Make sure to shoot for even numbers (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200. etc..) for your sales and pop ups so your hostess can grab that next $50 credit! She will be motivated to help you follow up if she knows she is close to another $50 credit.

Also, every customer that earned a $25 credit from last month's promotion needs a reminder to use it before they lose it. The credit WILL expire when October hits.

TUESDAY: One hour pop up challenge

I challenge you to have just one more little get together before the month ends. It could be really easy to pull together in the next seven days. A one hour event takes minimal effort and planning but could yield $500 in sales and get you credits or take you to that next incentive level. Ideas: fun bunch brunch, lunch with the gals in the office, happy hour, fall preview shows happening this week (who is happy about Scandal?!)

WEDNESDAY: Make a hump day video

Does this week feel like it is dragging...shake it up with a video. If you tag Elizabeth Ross, our SDM, in your videos, she might just send a vintage piece of jewelry to the best one.

THURSDAY: Last Seven Days...

Thursday marks the last seven days of the month. How close are you to your goal? What can we do in the next seven days to get you there? Unused raffle codes? Hostess' close to incentive levels? All these things are opportunities to help you get to your goal.

FRIDAY: Stud Challenge

Friday, I challenge everyone on the team to sell one pair of studs today. Celebrate with #studdown and let's wahoooo it up together!


Ladies, if you haven't already done so, please make sure you set up a call with me so I can help you get started in your C+I journey. I am here to support you so please use me. ( : Here is my timetrade:

Also, hop on those training calls! Look at these stats:

Those who completed Getting Set Up For Success: average sales of $990
Those who didn't attend the call: average sales of $575

Those who completed Pop Up Formula 4 Success: average sales of $943
Those who didn't attend the call: average sales of $576

These stats have been tracked by corporate and it just shows how very important it is to do your training and get top tips before you dive in on your own. If you haven't completed your training, it's not too late! These calls are offered twice a week, every week, with afternoon and evening options.