Unit 2 Summative

By: Ryan Geary


Different social groups cooperate while others conflict, but in the end we are just trying to get what we want.

Bullets and Ballots

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President of Guatemala

Made treaties with Army and Wealthy, United States, and Peasants to gain control of Guatemala.

A Straight Savage

My Experience with "Bullets and Ballots"

The Guatemalan Government worked with the Army & Wealthy to gain power, but they ended up switching and going against The Guatemalan Government. The Guatemalan Government combined social groups with the Peasants, whilst making treaties with the United States Government and Guerrillas. The United States Government decided to hand the power over to The Guatemalan Government.

Connection to My Life

My Real Life

This simulation has taught me how ruthless people can be for power. I felt like I was looked at as just a person to have an alliance with. People are very ruthless when it comes to getting what they want.
Furthermore it made me think of times like kindergarten. One kid had the 64 pack of crayons and suddenly everyone wanted to be his friend to get his crayons.

All The Greedy are just Needy