The Nazis

William W Lace

The life of Hitler and the Nazis

At the beginning of Hitlers life was not so great. He constantly argued with his farther about becoming a Artist and is not into politics. In school he got bad grades in most and even failed one. Art was one of the few he did good in. Hitler's dad did die a few years later giving Hitler a free chance to become an artist.

Hitler left home to study for art school. When he was away his mother got sick and Hitler had a choice, to go back to his dying mother or to study to get in art school. He chose to study and a few months later his mother died and Hitler was rejected from the school. He wasted all his money and had no job. Then he found a small group, this group would later be known as the Nazis.

Over years of building and hatred the Nazis were not that small anymore. In fact it got so big that they tried to revolt against the government. This ended with Hitler going to jail and the Nazi party banned. Few years past, Hitler gets release and the Nazi party UN-banned. Times passes and the Government falls due to not having enough money. Hitler gets in power then the holocaust takes place.

Intersecting facts about Hitler and the Nazis the book talks about.

1. Hitler wanted to be an artist

2. The Nazis stated as a really small group

3. Hitler's father wanted him to be into politics

Why you will like this book

People into non-fiction will love this, because of the juicy facts that it has. Also it talks about Hitler's interesting life in detail and how he dealt with other groups in Germany ready to take control of the government at the right time.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars