ZWest Pedometer/Activity Challenge

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Challenge of the Week

This week's challenge was to share who or what inspires you to make healthy choices in your life. Reading the entries for this week absolutely made my week. I am sure others will feel the same. I've posted the submissions below.

Don't forget about our upcoming challenge to reach 20,000 steps in one day!

Week 4-(Spring Break Week)-Accumulate at least 20,000 steps in one day. Those who have met the 20,000 step mark over spring break will be entered to win our second prize drawing when we return to school.

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Lisa Bond
As a 4 year breast cancer survivor I try to focus on healthy eating and exercise. Realistically it is not always easy when life is so busy but I try to make the right choices. Being with my family inspires me to go that extra block while I am riding my bike or walking. I want to be here for many years to come to enjoy the future with my family!

Trisha Smart
My daughters inspire me…they are so sweet and need their mother around for a long time. My children almost lost me 3 years ago during childbirth and did lose a sister. The situation made me think of how precious my children are- even when they are arguing and making me want to pull my hair out! This inspires me to stay healthy and work for my children.

Diane Aurand
What inspires me to make healthy choices? Honestly I know i will feel better if I do. When I'm exercising and eating right I feel in control and full of energy. When I make poor choices in my exercise and eating patterns I feel sluggish. I'm also welcoming a grandson into my life. I want to be around and able to enjoy him for years to come!

Stephanie Pristera

My husband Jeff is my healthy inspiration. He completed his MBA about a year and a half ago and realized that between being super busy at work and school, he’d let all of his healthy habits go. I still thought he looked great, but he felt like POO. Totally on his own, through diet and exercise alone, he lost 30 pounds in about 5 months. And he’s kept it off! He’s feeling better (and is in a better mood) and I want to feel better too J I’ve been up and down in weight, oscillated between moderate and absolutely no exercise, and have had trouble motivating. At the end of the day, the only person who can make me better is me. Jeff has shown it’s possible and this walking challenge has taking care of myself in the front of my mind again.

Sara Wuellner
My inspiration for moving is my parents. They have always been active and have included us in their activity. They have both had health issues throughout the years, but what inspires me the most is how they never gave up on their fitness goals. They worked hard to maintain fitness, even if that meant changing the mode of it. (Swimming instead of running or biking, etc.) There were some challenging days for them, but they maintained a positive attitude and have overcome it all. I am so proud of them! They are the most active people I know, and I attribute my fitness to my mom and dad. I love how they support and encourage me to be active in a variety of ways.

Kyle Beimfohr
After my divorce, I found myself in a funk. I spent a lot of time at my house feeling depressed and lonely. Over time, I found myself at my highest weight. It was probably my lowest point spiritually, physically, and mentally. I had some amazing friends that rallied around me. One friend got me on a bike. I found a new passion. Being on my bike gave me time to reflect, talk to God, and have some great conversations with new friendships I formed with others with this same passion. I felt better physically and mentally. I had my old energy back. I started challenging myself with new goals (complete the Hilly Hundred, Ride the RAIN Ride across the state, get more miles on the bike each month). I was then coerced into trying my first Sprint Triathlon last summer at the age of 41. My one goal… FINISH! My friends and fellow athletes warned me that I would be hooked. I wasn’t quite sure since the only swimming I had ever done involved a pool noodle under my arms and a drink in hand. They were right. I completed the race and came in the top three in my age group. Now preparing for my second season, I have already signed up for two Half Ironman events and 4-5 other triathlons. The comradery and friendships I have formed through my triathlon club has spurred me on to do things I never thought I would be able to do, let alone starting in my 40’s. Friends and family are definitely the ones who inspire me to make healthy choices in my life.

Amy White
The main thing that inspires me to make healthy choices is myself. I want to feel good about myself and eating right and exercise help to boost my self-esteem because I know I am doing things to make myself better and not tear myself down. My family is also my inspiration. I want to be around to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren, I want to grow old with my husband and have a healthy active lifestyle in my retirement. Making healthy choices now will help me achieve those goals.

Megan McNeely
What inspires me to make healthy choices is my family! I want to be at my best for them and be able to enjoy our life together. Eating right and fitness are two main ways to accomplish that goal. My husband is also a clean-eating, work out machine, so he keeps me in line!

Katie Elliott
My kids - I don’t know if they so much inspire as require me to make healthy choices. I can already see some bad habits forming in Violet (4) and Eli (2) – ah! – so I know I really need to make a more concerted effort in making healthy choices myself. All kids know is what they are exposed to, so I need to make sure that I am showing and leading them toward a life of healthy and positive choices. Do we still have mac n’ cheese for dinner some nights, yes, but they inspire me to take the extra step most days.

Tammy Nowakowski
Since I was in HS I wanted to be a Physical Education teacher. My High school PE teacher was my role model and I wanted to be just like her. She was a great teacher! It was fun in her class and she always participated with us and was a really good role model. So, in the beginning I was inspired by my HS PE teacher. Now, that I have been a PE/health teacher for over 25 years, the thing that has motivated me to be fit is my students. I want to be a good role model and set a good example for them. As the saying goes: Monkey see, monkey do! I like being active with my students and being an example for them. Hopefully, I can keep it up!

Andy Knueven
My inspiration comes from both my son, Adam, and my Dad, Joe. I was a very active kid growing up having practices and competitions constantly throughout the year. My whole family has been supportive of all my endeavors but my dad always made his best effort to be part of and support me, even to this day as a coach. He would work in a hot veneer plant every day but then made sure he was available to get me from practice, support me at competitions, and taught me the difference between things I needed from just wanted. He always put his family before himself and taught me the importance of work ethic and being an honest man to provide everything he could for his family. There is always at least one season a year now where I’m coaching that the parents are all are sitting in the stands asking the, “Which is your kid?” question. When they ask him this, he tells them he’s there for the whole team but really he’s there for the coach. I only hope to provide that everlasting love and support for my son as he make choices in teams and clubs to be part of growing up.

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