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What is a Party?

By definition A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socialization, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration of a special occasion. A party will typically feature food and beverages.

We are part of THE #1 PARTY plan company in the USA. The answer to all of your needs/problems/wants, It's the PARTY. At the Party is where we grow emotionally, spiritually, we gain confidence and self esteem at the party! Believe in the party, it is your vehicle to reaching your WHY.

Are you confident in your party? Is your party fun and inviting? Are you enticing the guests to party with YOU? The bags are just the vehicle to get the guests to the party. What are you doing to make it FUN? Are you engaging in conversations that start building relationships?

Do you believe in the magic of the PARTY?

The Thirty-One Party

Team Stats

Team sales: $3,516.01
Parties: 9
Party Average: $390.67
New Team members: 1

Total Team: 8

Sales: $3,175.50
Parties: 6
Party Average: $529.25

New Team members: 2
PEQAs: 5
Total Team 10

Kathy's Stats

PV: $2,259.00
Recruits: 1
Pay at Consultant Level: $564.75
Pay at Director Level: $590.39 <--- actually Sr. Consultant level.

PV: $2,346.50
Recruits: 1
Pay at Consultant Level: $586.63
Pay at the Director Level $611..22

Welcome to the Team!

A warm welcome to 3 new team members
Rebecca Tapp


Kelleigh Larsson- Sonia Johnson
Shannon Belokur

Future Directors with PV of $200+


Stacey Sears: $228.00
Shanna Flint $359.00
Chrissy Dewey $640.00
Congratulations Chrissy Dewey on TOP Sales in January!!!

Stacey Sears: $224.00
Cheryl Driesbaugh: $605.00
Congratulations Cheryl Driesbaugh on TOP Sales in February!!!

Dream Builders



JK by Thirty-One Earners

Cheryl Dreisbaugh Level 1

Kathy Hicks Level 3

Consultant in the Spotlight -Cheryl Dreisbaugh

My why.
I decided to start selling Thirty One to give myself something to do for me. I live in a house with four boys (soon to be five) and needed something girl like for me. Something where I wasn't mom, wife, teacher, house keeper, etc. I also wanted to earn some extra money for some more fun stuff for the family. It's nice to have a little extra money come in when you are a one income family


Have you thought about National Conference?
Did you know that attendees on an average grow their business by 40% after attending National Conference?!?
Do you have questions? Ask me or follow the link below!

A note from your leader

What is your Passion?

At home:

I'm Passionate about being the best mom and wife I can be when it comes to my home life. I am blessed to be able to be home when my kids get off the bus, to make them a home cooked dinner almost every night, and to tuck them in and read them a story at night. I have a wonderful husband who supports my every whim.

In my Business:

I have BIG dreams ladies! If you have been at National Conference, you have seen the ladies on the stage and heard their success. That is my dream. When it comes to my business I am driven by my family and by YOU. You ladies are my why, I am a natural born fixer. You have a problem and I will work tirelessly until it is fixed. I am committed to helping you reach your why! So, what is your passion? What is your why? Are you working your business to reach your why?

I've been thinking a lot about my business, I want to re-invent my focus, my business, and how I communicate with YOU. I want to lead you by example and make sure you are accountable for reaching your goals and why. This week on our FB Team page I will be posting 2 things: a Survey and a Talk Schedule. I'm committed to giving you tips to grow your business and reach your why!

Let's Rock March Ladies!!!

xoxoxo Kathy