Teen Relationships

and the affect on ones personal life.

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Positive Effects.

Dating Boosts Confidence.

Dating increases a teenager's overall self-confidence and standing with her peers. Teens feel good when they realize they are attractive to the opposite sex. Going out with a partner reinforces the positive feelings and sense of attractiveness. This can spill over into higher self-esteem and better performance in school and other activities.

Dating Teaches Compromise

Dating teaches teenagers about compromise. A healthy relationship requires both parties to sometimes make a sacrifice. They must each give a little to meet the other person's needs. This is learned hands-on through the dating process to maintain the relationship. It's a valuable skill that can be used in adulthood in family and workplace situations.

Dating Creates Trust.

Teen dating teaching youngsters the importance of trust and honesty. These two things are the basis of a healthy relationship. Children's Hospital Boston explains there may be breaches of trust. This teaches the teen how to resolve problems or draw boundaries when necessary.


Dating is a social activity that gives teenagers an outlet to go to movies, dances and other enjoyable places and share the fun with a significant other. This is a good outlet that offsets some of the pressure of schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Dating gives time to let loose and have fun. Being yourself is a huge factor in being able to have fun with your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you aren't being yourself then your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't know the real you.

Dating helps your future.

Teenage dating is an opportunity for a young person to figure out what he is looking for in a partner. Teens learn which traits they find most attractive in others and the things that are annoying. This information is valuable in the eventual search for a marriage partner.

Dating Teaches Maturity.

Teens are in the transition from child to adult. Dating helps them to feel independent and mature. It's a step forward into "grown-up" behavior. Acting immature can turn off your crush and make your chances of being together very slim.

Dating helps with Communication.

Teen dating provides a way to learn healthy communication skills with a partner. It often takes trial and error, but the Project Horizon violence prevention site explains that dating teens learn to resolve disagreements as they go through the ups and downs of a relationship. These skills are useful preparation for marriage.

Negative Effects.


Life is not perfect, and teens must learn to deal with rejection, because they will face many disappointments in adulthood. Many teen romances do not last long, and break-ups provide youngsters with experience in handling hurt and rejection. They learn to go through the grieving process and eventually move on.


3 in 10 teen girls in the US will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That's about 745,000 teen pregnancies each year! Well, you hear about teen pregnancy in movies, in the news, at school, on MTV, and from your parents. An easy way to avoid this problem would be to have a plan with your partner.