MCAS Strategy of the Week

Anxiety Reducing Strategies

The MCAS test can be overwhelming for students. Feelings of test anxiety may vary from person to person. Consider the following strategies if you are feeling anxious about your performance on the MCAS Math exam.

Have a Positive Attitude

This test is an opportunity for you to show what you know and to show all you have learned as a high school student over the past two years. You have spent approximately 210 hours in English class at Wachusett Regional High School. That is 12,600 minutes of your life that your brain has been filled with English! YOU ARE PREPARED!

Stop and Refocus

If you get anxious about a question during the test, stop for a moment. Look at your pencil, or the desk. Take a minute to let the negative thoughts leave your mind before you continue on with the next question.

Don't Discuss the Test

Anxiety can be contagious! Talking about the test with other students may make you more anxious. Spend time with peers discussing the things you enjoy.

Exercise, Eat a Healthy Breakfast, and Get a Good Night's Sleep

By taking care of yourself, you will eliminate test jitters and be fully prepared for the test.

Share Your Anxiety

If you feel overwhelmed with feelings of anxiousness, talk to someone! Your teachers, liaisons, and counselors are here for YOU and want you to succeed.

Use Learned Strategies That Work For YOU!

You have learned several test-taking strategies throughout your high school career - use them! Some important tips:

  • Use your reference sheet - it is given to you for a reason!
  • Practice process of elimination
  • Don't leave any answers blank!!!
  • If you are overwhelmed by one question, move on for now and go back later
  • Identify keywords in every question
  • Double check that you are answering the question that is being asked