"This Is Not Your Mother's Library"

LHMS Library Teacher Newsletter: Back to School 2014

Library Calendar

I've created a library calendar in Google Spreadsheets, which can be accessed from the home page of the Library Website at www.lhvlc.com. I’m hoping the calendar will be helpful in keeping track of planned visits and library happenings! (See tabs on bottom to change monthly calendars).

Author Visit

Chris Grabenstein is visiting Lounsberry on Thursday, October 3. His visit is free as long as we sell 100 copies of his books, which I know we can do! Order forms will be part of a Parent Newsletter and we’ll have a bunch to sell during Back-to School Night along with other books. He’ll meet with all students assembly style and would love to work with classes to teach writing skills. Let me know if you’re interested in him visiting your class!

*Mr. Grabenstein skyped with the Father/Son Book Club a couple of years ago and Chuck said that he was great!

LHMS Student Homepage

We've created a LHMS Student's Homepage using a tool called Symbaloo. It includes tiles which link to sites that students consistently use at Lounsberry. There will be a link to the Symbaloo on the VTSD website and students can learn to choose the Symbaloo homepage as their browser's homepage both at school and at home. Please let me know if you'd like something added or if something's not linking correctly.

Lounsberry Live: Morning Announcements

As soon as possible, Lounsberry students will be streaming Friday’s morning announcements from the Library! With the Guidance Department’s assistance, we’ll be choosing 4 students, (a cameraman, teleprompter handler and two announcers), each week to produce the show. To start, students will be pulled from the last half of their first period class on Thursday to go over procedures and Friday the full period to produce the show. The show will be viewed live on a locked page on the library website, and recorded to show during lunch periods. Our hope is to run the show every morning beginning sometime this spring so that all students have a chance to participate!

Library Procedures: Passes

Each teacher will have 3 passes for students to visit the library. (It’s up to you as to how you disperse them!) Each lunch period will have 18 student passes. Students must finish their lunch before visiting the library, unless they are part of a club meeting. Club members and meeting days and times will be posted in the cafeteria. Each club member will use one of the 18 passes, except for special programs that involve many students, such as the Global Read Aloud. All students must report to the Cafeteria before coming to the library.

Complete library procedures can be found at www.lhvlc.com -> About->Procedures.

New Purchased Resources: Fall 2014

  • Scholastic Freedom Flix E-books (Log in Info available any day now!)

All Library Resources can be found on the library website www.lhvlc.com.

See Information Resources Tab for all LHMS Databases & E-books

Teachers Tab for all LHMS Ed-tech Resources

Inquiry, Information Fluency Skills & Short Research Projects

Teacher Librarian's are responsible for teaching the skills and responsibilities related to Inquiry and Information Fluency. What the heck does that mean ?!
Basically, it's everything related to students learning using (finding, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing) and producing (expressing & sharing) information.

CCSS require that students learn these skills and I'm here to help! However, the most effective way for students to learn these skills is when they need to use them!

So...I'd like to meet with teachers in each content area in each grade level so that we can plan on when this can happen. I'd like to teach certain skills within certain learning experiences across all content areas so that by the time students leave Lounsberry they'll get what they need! (and you won't go crazy having me trying to teach everything every time!).

What do you think?

Creation Station

The LHMS Library, along with libraries all over the world, are joining the Maker Movement by creating Maker Spaces in their libraries. The plan is start out promoting weekly available digital and physical projects while allowing personal choice creations and a badging system for students to record their achievements. Students can take a "Maker Break" during their lunch and enrichment periods. Teachers are invited also!

Info Resources needed to meet CCSS

Common Core Standards require students to closely read text written from multiple points of view, analyze information in multiple formats and evaluate information for credibility and bias. Librarians can help you and your students find the information you need to make this happen! We know where to find the best resources to meet your needs and how to teach the information skills necessary for students to master. My goal is to create Resource Sets based on content area units which include primary sources (maps, political cartoons, ads, letters etc), secondary sources, etc. I’m here for you and your students; it’s my job! So...come on down and let's figure it out together!

Informational text portal examples:

Newsella (All news stories available at several different reading levels!)
Dogo News
Primary Source Portals
Copies of pages/sections from Informational print books
Database articles
Curation Sites
News/Current Events Sites

Book Clubs

This year we’re continuing Nook Book Clubs (during student lunch periods) and Parent/Student book clubs in the evenings. See complete details at www.lhvlc.com -> Clubs.

AND, because there’s nothing better than students seeing their teachers reading as an incentive for their own reading, we’re starting a.....

LHMS Kids Book Teacher Book Club!

I figured that it would be best if I start things off, so I've chosen Paperboy written by Vince Vawter for our first book. I'd love to meet at the Warwick Winery, since I’ve always wanted to go there and I so do love drinking wine! Let me know if you're interested and we'll choose a time and date to meet. Don't miss out on a fun night out!

Personal Choice Independent Reading

I've added an Personal Choice Independent Reading Ideas page to the library website, which includes both the "How" and a "Why it works" for the various strategies given. Personal Choice Reading works in all content areas- see the last bullet point on the linked page. I hope these ideas are helpful and that you'll give a couple a try with your students! If I can help in any way please let me know!

In addition, we're creating a LHMS Wall of Read Books across from the library. When students finish reading a book they may be directed to fill out a simple form linked to from the front page of the library website. I'll print the book cover with the student's name and we'll team read to cover the walls with books!

Hardware Spotlight: Ipads & Mice!

We have 5 ipads in the library for you and your students. You may use them for individual learners, (apps that meet both accelerated and struggling learner's needs), using Apps on the Smart board (there's an App for that!), Video capabilities (Great for quick self assessment!) and more.

We also have about a dozen mice if you have students struggling with laptop's track pad.

See all available library hardware at Teachers-> Ed-Tech on library website.

Teaching with Primary Resources from the LOC

This summer I participated in an awesome week long learning experience at the Library of Congress, learning how to use primary sources to get kids exited and thinking like historians! Learning with primary sources fosters keen observation, evidence based reflections and questions which further inquiry. I'm looking forward to sharing what I learned with you and your students!

A Safe Way to Text Message Students and/or Parents

Some of you have asked for a way to text message students and/or parents, for various reasons, without giving out your own cell number. Remind 101 is the answer. It's been around for a while now, and it's being used effectively in many schools. I've yet to play, but if you're interested in trying it out, I'd be happy to figure it out together!

The State of the Library

The library's a bit of mess as of late! We still need to re-shelve books, re-tile floor and more. Much of the furniture has yet to be delivered and there's work orders outstanding galore! It's all good though, because it's going to be great! We'll just do our best to use our space to the best of our abilities! We hope to have it open by this Wed-Sept 11.

That's it for now. Knowing me I'll think of something else as soon as I send this out!