Industrial Design

What do they do

Industrial designers innovate, redesign, and develop products, cars, toys, and home appliances. They combine many skills such as business, art, and engineering to make products appealing, functional, and safe for consumers.

Most industrial designers work full time, especially if they work at a design firm, large corporations, or in manufacturers.

Most of the time industrial designers work in drafting tables, meeting rooms with clients, and in the computer preparing a design and communicating with clients.

The average designer earns about $27.99 per hour and $58,230 a year.


A bachelor's degree is required in either industrial design, architecture, or engineering to get a job as an industrial designer. A course of sketching, computer- aided design and drafting, industrial materials and process, and manufacturing method is also required. This programs are included in the career of industrial design. A professional portfolio is also required for a job. Most schools provide their students with the opportunity of creating their own professional portfolio by collecting examples of their work.


Most industrial designer show their knowledge and skills by promoting their best designs and putting a picture of it in your portfolio.

Job Growth

Experience is the best way to get a job and grow in it. Experience designers advance to chief designers, design department head, or a supervisory position. other designers create their own design studio and start teaching in colleges or universities.

Related Jobs

Other similar careers or occupations are architecture, computer program, desktop publisher, industrial engineer, etc.

By Dante Salgado