CAPA Proposal

Term 3 & 4 CAPA Groups K-6

Our Proposal

With opportunities for students to shine in the Arts relegated to class performances and displaying artwork, we would like to propose an ALL IN (but possible) chance for all students K-6 to explode with creativity!

We are asking staff to think outside the box and be involved in a project that would allow you to show your strength in the Arts! The groups will give students a purpose to present a final performance, art display, video presentation etc in Term 4.

Suggested Groups

Rhythm-drums, pottery - firing @IHS, music - tuned, art, craft, multlcultural performance, creative spaces (murals), sewing, woodwork, drama, vocal Top 40, dance, puppetry, photography - still and video animation, digital art on iPads, robotics and musical theatre

The W's

When: Wednesdays 2-3

Where: Learning Spaces around the school.

Who: All available staff and students K-6. We have also secured Jen Young from IHS and possibly the robotics teacher. We would also like to include community members if possible. Your commitment would be to develop a 10 week program that would match curriculum outcomes ( program provided). You would also provide an effort rating and grade for reports.

Why: Not only will this benefit our students, staff could team up with others to upskill staff. Groups would be between 20-25 per staff member. Double for those working together.