No Longer Is It Bros' Before Crows♥

Addie Kirchner

Wassup Girl!

My name is Xander but you can call me Pisces;) I might be cold blooded but I feel warm when I am with you. I live in the water which is perfect for you chicks that live in California! I lay millions of eggs but I am open to other things. I am into dark an mysterious things, especially crows;) Holla atcha boi!!! Hit me up fam at:

The Perfect Date

I would be a perfect match for a bird, preferably someone with dark feathers, like a crow. Warm blooded thing give a feeling that I will find the hottest chick around!

here are some pics (;

1) How old are you? Age is just a number baby girl!

2) Are you married? Single and ready to mingle
hey one last thing

ily boo♥♥♥♥♥♥