Ethan Williams Flyer

"The wise musicians are those who play what they can master"

Who I Am

I want to be a Music composer and director, a farmer, or a technology repair guy. My skills are music, games, and technology. My values are family, country, and money. I have good self-esteem and i like to learn visually or spatial. I think all these things should be considered when picking a career, because if your job has them then you might do a better job.

My Career As A...

My career as a music composer and director would be really fun, because of all the music I'd be working with.

Job Information

My job as a music composer and director is a job where you make music and get a band together to play your music. As a music composer and director you make $47,350 as the annual salary. The job outlook is slower than average. A music composer and director is in the arts career cluster. You set your own work schedule. Your work environment may be traveling to preform or staying at home to write music. One interesting thing about my career is that you can write music or select music for your band.

How I Will Get There

I would like to attend the University of Arkansas. It is located in Fayetteville. I would like to go to this college because of the marching band. This college is far from home, so i would probably say in a dorm. I need a Masters degree if to lead a band, but i need nothing to write music. It will cost $6,910.50 per semester. I would like to qualifiy for a music, animal, or acadimec shcolarships.