Your World Is Endless

Been stuck in a motion is like been stuck in a roller coaster ride. While waiting in line for this particular ride the exciting you feel is escalating and escalating. You feel your palm sweating and you could feel your heart racing. The fear is there but it is overcomed by the sensation of excitement and curiousness. Some say we share the same feeling when we were a child. With endless things we dream about becoming, like a doctor, or a musician, or an athlete. You play out your future in your mind time and time again to the point where it fills your very been. Then comes LIFE. Later through your lifetime, responsibilities start appearing and the idea of fulfilling dreams and aspirations start disappointing. Your mind becomes narrow minded on a simple faucet of idea, and that's to live a NORMAL life. I mean come on, your dreams were just dreams right? Well first, lets dive into the idea of fulfilling a dream. You first need ambition, and then you need a plan. It first started with an idea and now you've got a create it into a world you'll be proud of years from now. The world we live in, in itself could be quite destructive and damaging to our very ideals. Facing a lifetime of just trying to live life comfortably settles ones mind into just trying to settle down and forgetting the goals and dreams you've had planned for yourself in the beginning. Many people wonder through life, wishing things were better. Waiting for a big break to fall on their lap. Playing lotto tickets after lotto tickets hoping that if they win, their life could take a turn for the better. What about unforeseen incidents? Like becoming involved in a relationship then having an unexpected child. Waking up day by day just to go to work so that you can pay your bills. As the years go by with just TRYING to live life, you start forgetting the things that fired you up inside. You start forgetting the happiest moments you had just drawing or playing a sport or composing a music. You forget you wanted to mold a future with all the passion you had inside you. Dreams than only become Dreams. A tangible object that could never come into existence. Well it's never too late. Self realization and self awareness is not always so abundant in everyone. Some people finally wake up one morning and say enough is enough, I'm going to pick myself up and start living life. Some people never come into realization and just stay contempt with life and the way things are. Well I'm here to say that your World is endless. Life is full of hope. Nothing is NEVER too late. at 45 years old, you can still go to school and achieve a degree you've always dreams off. at 50 you can still take that acting class and shine brilliantly. The road to success is not always trying to hard to the point where you become stressed and depressed. It's about enjoying driving down that road and enjoying the scenery you see along the way. Dreams were meant to be achieved. Look deep down yourself and look at your surroundings at this very moment. Are you where you want to be? Is this the life you had envisioned for yourself? Well this moment is the time to come into self awareness and do something about it. Each day that comes make attempts to get back to the younger you. The one that was filled with so much dreams and aspirations. Start taking to steps to achieve all the things that you've always wanted.