Keys to Healthy Running


Taught by Oliver Henzler, GCFP

Does running hurt? Are you frustrated with your performance?

This in-depth Feldenkrais® workshop will help you unlock the mysteries of feeling great and running great.

Sunday, Mar 25th, 1-4:30pm

Feldenkrais® Learning Center, 2121 Broadway, Suite 404, at 74th St., New York City

Early registration by preceding Tuesday $55; afterwards $75. Click here to register
In this afternoon workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Implement the most essential elements of good form, reduce asymmetries and improve your economy
  • Use your core muscles for more efficient running that feels effortless and light
  • Push off and advance your legs more naturally
  • Develop sensitivity, awareness and understanding of your body so you can adjust your form when running on your own
  • Run faster and enjoy it more

The workshop will include one Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lesson, a gently guided movement lesson done on the floor, a small amount of running and video analysis of elite runners.

Feldenkrais® workshops with The Balanced Runner™ are low-stress and safe for beginners and most injured runners but powerful enough to work even for elite runners. If you have any concerns about whether this workshop is appropriate for you, please email us at

Oliver Henzler, GCFP

Oliver is a member of the NYC Staff of The Balanced Runner. Born and raised in Germany and certified by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America, Oliver is an avid athlete who competed in slalom and giant slalom skiing, soccer, and tennis, as well as an accomplished actor and movement teacher. His current passions include ski touring/heli-skiing and running full and half marathons.

The Balanced Runner™

Developed by Jae Gruenke, GCFP, the Balanced Runner is a sophisticated, truly individualized approach to improving running form using the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education®. Each session consists of a careful observation of how you are currently running, then a learning process structured to help you feel, step-by-step, how to reduce excessive tension and impact, use your joints properly, and find support, elasticity, and power. The learning format is low-stress, making it safe even for runners dealing with injury. Yet it is potent enough to impact runners performing at high levels.

If you are a competitive runner, Balanced Runner sessions and workshops will help you reduce imbalances, increase your economy, and improve your technical control. If you’re a beginning runner, you’ll get a solid grasp of the fundamentals. Whatever your current level, you’ll improve your performance.