The error of prejudging

zhanee thomas


"as i started up the walk , phoebe pulled on my arm. "don't go up there, " she said.

Pheobe was prejudging mrs. partridge by acting like she was scared by pulling her to come back as in mrs.partridge was dangerous.

p.22 & 23

"There's something very odd about that mrs. cadaver" margret? i said. " she scares me half to death" . pheobe said. , "you know what cadaver means?" pheobe said"actually i didn't". It means dead body. pheobe said.

Pheobe was prejudging Mrs. cadaver by thinking she's odd because cadaver means dead body.

p. 31 &32

"He looked like fifty more than thirty eight"

sal was prejudging mr.Winterbottom by saying he looks older than he is when she barely even knows him.


"sal, do you detect any signs of lunacy? There doesn't appear to be any place he could be hiding a gun.

pheobe was prejuding the guy at the door by thinking he was a lunatic because he's a stranger.