Cryotheraphy Treatments

anti-cellulite, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation & weight loss

The treatment causes increased blood flow creating favourable conditions for cell renewal, expelling toxins and internal organ regeneration i.e. body rejuvenation on the cellular level.

As a beauty treatment Cryotherapy uses targeted exposure to cold temperature to improve circulation and skin tone. The Cryotherapy machine uses streams of liquid nitrogen vapors reaching -1800c. Applied to the skin it causes blood vessels to dilate and increase in oxygen delivery to the cells, stimulating rejuvenation.

Cryotherapy treatments for Healthy Living

Testimonial from Nadine Baggott – a Beauty Editor of ‘Hello’ magazine and ‘This Morning’ ITV 1 Show who after seeing those results said ‘I’ve never before seen such incredible results of ONE Cellulite reduction session….this treatment is about skin firming, tightening and a lift’.
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