Wonders of Life

Literature at it's Best

Have you heard the some of the greatest works? Are you behind in the world today? Well don’t fear! Right here on this page we have many of the latest works of poetry and some from the past. We have released those with poets such as Li Po, Tu Fu and Wang Wei. So enjoy and be happy that you have been informed!

First a little about our authors!

Here are the literature works we all know and love.

Clearing Rain

The sky's water has fallen, and autumn clouds are thin,
The western wind has blown ten thousand li.
This morning's scene is good and fine,
Long rain has not harmed the land.
The row of willows begins to show green,
The pear tree on the hill has little red flowers.
A hujia pipe begins to play upstairs,
One goose flies high into the sky.

Tu Fu

Mount Zhongnan

Its massive height near the City of Heaven
Joins a thousand mountains to the corner of the sea.
Clouds, when I look back, close behind me,
Mists, when I enter them, are gone.
A central peak divides the wilds
And weather into many valleys.
...Needing a place to spend the night,
I call to a wood-cutter over the river.

Wang Wei

A Song Of An Autumn Midnight

A slip of the moon hangs over the capital;

Ten thousand washing-mallets are pounding;

And the autumn wind blowing my heart

Forever and ever toward the Jade Pass...

Oh when will the Tartar troops be conquered,

And my husband come back from the long campaign!

Li Po