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Here's what's hip-hop and happening in our room! Week 22


This week we practiced the -oke and -ope word families.

Reading and Writing

This week we began to do a lot of comparing and contrasting. We read the story "Are Trees Alive?" and found out that they are! The story compared all of the different parts of a tree to different parts of a person! We even learned a new thinking map, the bridge map, which showed us all the comparisons from the story! We also read "Fox, Beware!," a story about a fox who needs to find a new liar because her home, the woods, are being destroyed by people to build homes. We did a lot of comparing and contrasting in that story too, with how different her home was at the beginning of the story and at the end of the story.

We did a little creative writing this week with our pattern block creatures. The kiddos had one job: create a creature using pattern blocks! They had the following instructions to complete about their creature: 1. It must have a name 2. Tell me 2 things it likes to do and 3. 1 thing it does not like to do. They had a blast making them and sharing their stories. Look for them in their folders today!

We are ready to publish! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send BACK your sheet, even if you are not purchasing! If all are returned, we get a free book for our class library! It should take just a few short weeks and then they will be in your hands to read and enjoy! It has been a long, fun process :)


Tens and ones are the game, place value is the name! This week we started talking about place value, in particular, the ones and tens. It has been challenging to count groups of tens, as many kiddos see the whole number and want to say that, verses looking at the group of ten and counting that as 1 ten. (ie. 6 tens is 60. How many tens are there? 6) Keep practicing this concept of counting tens as it will be helpful next week when we look at expanded form! Oh my!

10,000 Lakes Value Added Project

Yahoo! Our value added project time is here! We have been looking at lakes and ponds and creating circle maps of what we already know about them. Then we read and researched to find out even more things to add to our maps! We even found out that some of us had misconceptions and we crossed them off our maps. Next week we will take our circle maps and turn them into a double bubble to compare and contrast them (what a connection--just like what we are doing during our literacy time!!)

Valentine's Day <3

Next Friday, February 12th, we will take time to celebrate Valentine's Day. If you choose to participate, please include all students in our class. You do not have to participate if you do not want to. I have included a list of all of the students in our class this year (see below pictures).

You do not need to make boxes either. We have brown bags that the kiddos will get to decorate and use to take any valentine's home. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

Friendly Reminders and Fun News

Ben was our Star Student this week.

Connor and Talal were our Engineers of the Week.

Congratulations to Charlie, Kenley and Talal for being chosen as STAR students for the month of January!

FIELD TRIP is next Thursday! Please bring a disposable bag lunch and drink for the day! I'm so excited to take the kids to the theater!

With February being I LOVE TO READ month, if anyone would like to come in and read some of your (or your kiddo's) favorite stories, WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU!! It is always fun to see mom or dad or even grandma or grandpa come to the class to read us a story! Let me know if you'd like to and we can figure out a day and time!!

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