Nicholas Sparks

By: Naomi Hall

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks, born December 31, 1965 wrote his first unpublished novel while he sat on the sidelines in result of a sports injury. He went to the University of Notre Dame and studied sales. It didn't go as well and there were some obstacles that had him writing again. In 1995 he published his first book "The Notebook". That book was a best seller and was later made into a movie. Next he also wrote "Message In A Bottle", "Nights In Rodanthe", and "The Longest Ride". Sparks has wrote many many more books but that's just how he started.

The Last Song

"The Last Song" is one of my favorite books by Sparks. In this book Ronnie or Veronica 17 year old girl has been nothing but trouble since her dad left. She has avoided her dad the past 3 years when he made the decision to leave because of his affair. But, Ronnie is forced to stay with her dad over the summer in North Carolina where she meets a summer love and realizes hundreds of reasons she shouldn't have ever avoided her dad and sees a lot become revealed to her. This is a must read.

The Rescue

Single mother Denise, and her son Kyle who suffers from severe learning disabilities get in a car wreck one rainy night and are saved by volunteer fireman Taylor. Little does Denise know until an hour late when she is concious again her son is gone. She also never would've thought this man named Taylor would have such a good connection with her and Kyle. Read to find out how her life takes one crazy turn in just one year.
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A Walk To Remember

Landon Carter, finishing up his last year in high school never would've imagined himself falling in love with Jamie Sullivan. Jamie is the daughter of the town baptist minister, shes always been kind of an outsider at school. But a twist of fate had Jamie and Landon set up to be partners for the homecoming dance. They hate each other at first but grow really close and fall in love. Landon's life will never be the same. Some unfortunate events came up but watch how they stay together.