Great Smoky Mountains

By Julia & Lincoln

About Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in the Southeast in the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. In the Great Smoky Mountains they get a lot of rain and snow. They receive about 55 inches of precipitation each year. They can get up to 80 inches of precipitation in the high peaks. The Great Smoky Mountains is part Appalachian mountains. This is a chain of mountains beginning in Maine and ending in Georgia. The park covers 800 square miles of land. More than 10 million people visit this park each year!

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How Great Smoky Mountains Formed

Mountains are large landforms that are usually hundreds of feet above sea level. The Great Smoky Mountains formed hundreds of millions of years ago. The Smokies formed when tectonic plates met. These plates pushed up rock 20,000 feet above the ocean floor, to make mountains.

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Interesting Facts!

800 years ago, The Cherokee indian tribes began living here. They called the Great Smoky Mountains Shaconage or Place Of Blue Smoke. There is also a big Indian reserve in the Smokies.The Government cut the budget to give National Parks. The Smokies now need to close 10 campgrounds!